Girl Meets Dress

Party season is upon us, and fabulous parties mean fabulous dresses. Unfortunately, the dresses always seem to bring a dilemma. Do you break the bank for every single party, to ensure no embarrassments? Do you re-wear a dress and hope nobody notices? Or do you buy from the high street and hope nobody has the same? About your Dress has now found the perfect way to look fabulous at every party, without risking the embarrassment, in the form of Girl Meets Dress.

Girl Meets Dress buy the seasons most coveted dresses and bags from a range of over 90 designers, and hire them out for a fraction of the price. Excellent care is given to each and every dress, so even if your dress isn’t brand new, it will look it, and if you fall in love with it, many of the dresses are available to buy. Also, if you have your eye on a dress that isn’t on the site, you can request it and they will go the extra mile and try to track it down for you to borrow.

So, if you want 3.1 Phillip Lim for £89.00, Chloe for £69.00, Marc Jacobs for £89.00 or Alberta Ferretti for £119.00, to make you the belle of the ball this season, start reserving your dresses now!


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