Ilse Jacobsen

After walking out my front door in the morning to another blanket of snow, I decided that I really should invest in more sensible footwear, like a pair of Wellingtons from Danish designer Ilse Jacobson. Her designs are often laced up the front, which suit all calf sizes, and in addition to the normal length boot, they also come as ankle boots and knee length. The colours are rich and deep in black, red, cream, browns and caramel, and each feature a soft wool lining, complimenting a winter wardrobe perfectly. You’ll love Ilse Jacobson’s boots so much; you won’t want winter to end.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:



2 responses to “Ilse Jacobsen

  1. Glad you are enjoying them;)

  2. Great selection of a lot of colors and styles of Ilse Jacobsen Rub and Rain. These are the most confortable, fun, and trendy boots I have ever worn. Wonderful Service too!

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