Ostwald Helgason

Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason, born in Germany and Iceland respectively, met whilst working in a London design studio, and founded the label Ostwald Helgason in 2006. It did not take long for their designs to get noticed, firstly they received two highly sought after design grants from the German government, and were then invited to show their collection at Berlin Fashion Week in 2008.

Their inspiration of “art, nature and technology and love for traditional men’s tailoring and ethnic textile design” is evident in their clothing as tailoring and draping are blended to achieve a soft yet structured architecture, which has become their signature. Ostwald Helgason also exhibits their passion for gorgeous prints and exuberant colours in their stunning collections that include daywear, nightwear, eveningwear and accessories.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


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