Tina Kalivas

Tina Kalivas’ career started in Costume Design, when she worked for Premier Costume House ‘Angels and Bermans”, whilst studying at the London College of Fashion. Although this gave her the basis for understanding the cut and make of traditional dress, it was 3 years later when she began pattern making and constructing showpieces for the late, great Alexander McQueen that inspired her to further her career in fashion.

The Tina Kalivas label is bold, quirky, tailored yet playful and organic, expressing a great fascination of other worlds and cultures. The pursuit of beautiful real garments has taken Tina all over the world, including Afghanistan where she collaborated with a group of Afghani refugee women who embroidered traditional, colourful rustic embroideries, to adorn the tailored garments, and Tokyo where she designed costumes for a Japanese fantasy film.

Her S/S 10 collection, Polyrhythm, was inspired by the “mysterious natural geometry that lies at the very heart of indigenous African culture”, with some pieces using materials and embroidery developed in Africa. The use of meticulous pattern cutting, folding techniques and carefully aligning the organic fabrics show the natural geometry, and are mixed with African prints that give each individual garment a unique feel. Pieces include a peplum skirt, fitted trousers and shapely dresses just to name a few, all with amazing detailing and made from a selection of gorgeous fabrics.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


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