Ever since donning my first “Fashion Groupies” tee many years ago, I have become a huge House of Holland fan, though the price tags meant his clothes kept slipping further out of reach. Therefore, I was delighted to hear that Henry was doing a collection for Debenhams, called H!, that would be more affordable and wearable than his catwalk collections. For some unknown reason, I was worried that upon seeing the collection I would be disappointed (which is why I put off writing about it), I was so wrong!

H! is a full collection, featuring clothing, shoes, accessories and jewellery, rather than a handful of pieces that are sold out on the day and only available for 3 times the price on eBay. Cute dresses and mannish blazers can be seen in House of Holland-esque prints like polka dots and tartan, as well as ditsy florals and on-trend gingham. The shoes and jewellery are mixture of fierce and fun, and pieces like cycling shorts and a varsity jacket make it one of the most up to date collections on the high street.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


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