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Norway based brand FIN create exquisite, elegant and stylish clothing, whilst combining their fashion with environmental and social awareness. Their current collection features a subtle colour palette, largely made up of pastels, with many garments being made from loose fitting materials, in gorgeous silhouettes, which are incredibly flattering. FIN also create pieces are versatile, including jumpsuits that can go from the office to a bar, and shorts that can go from sunbathing to shopping. Unfortunately they are not being stocked in the UK yet, but hopefully they will be soon!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


The Ethnic Fashion Show

 Whilst looking for an African print dress, much like Tina Kalivas’ designs, but more in my price range, I came across The Ethnic Fashion Show. The concept of the show is to help consumers view ethnic designs not only as a micro trend, but as part of “fashion retail consumer habits”, since the garments on show are built to last a lot longer than the high street pieces they inspire. Some retailers have already started to do this, like ASOS with their ASOS Africa range, a collection designed, sourced and produced by community groups in Africa, but the show aims to raise further awareness.

There will be six very talented, recognised and inspirational designers showing, with the collections containing warm colours, bright shades and vivid combinations. The Ethnic Fashion Show will present new creative ways to re-interpret designs into pieces suitable for high street collections, satisfying a wider range of fashion consumers, without over emphases on ethnicity. The event takes place this Friday evening at the Africa Centre, in Covent Garden, from 6:30pm – 9pm.


There aren’t many things in life that make you feel better than nice shoes, except maybe nice shoes that leave you with a clear conscience, which is what WHERE, the ethical shoe label, do best. Their hand made designer footwear and accessories are sourced from small producers & artisan communities around the globe, ensuring that everyone who contributes to the final product receives a fair wage and is treated with respect, an act we take for granted.

Along with being uber stylish, the shoes themselves are beautifully made and built to last, with the range including everything from brogues to boots and sandals to slippers, as well as a collection of bags and purses. Their current collection focuses on a mixture of rough and girly, inspired largely by vintage pieces, which they have been collecting for years. WHERE is currently being stocked in one of About your Dress’ favourites, Hoxton Boutique, as well as online at Urban Outfitters and on their own website.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation

The premature death of fashion’s bad boy, Alexander McQueen, earlier this year left a gap in not only the lives of his friends, but also his many fans who loved his work and respected his individuality. Although his collections were still becoming more daring and interesting each season, there were still many pieces he created over the previous years that will go down in fashion history.

To remember McQueen’s work, which is set to inspire generations to come, journalist and fashion blogger Kristin Knox has created a book called Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation, released on May 7th 2010. Along side 125 stunning photographs, the book will also contain commentary on the iconic and inspirational designer and his collections. This book is a must have for any fashionista, McQueen fan or aspiring designer.

Cath Kidston: Festival Fashion

I am a huge fan of Cath Kidston, the global lifestyle brand that every woman should own at least one thing from. Currently I own many of their little pieces like the iPhone cover, glasses case, oyster holder and mug to name a few, but my two biggest acquisitions have to be my tent, which has been going to festivals since 2006, and my carry all bag.

I went into the store the other day to find see what new items they have in, and it’s fair to say amongst their many gorgeous homewares, bags and accessories, there were some perfect festival pieces. If you weren’t lucky enough get your hands on a tent first time around, they have now brought out a lush Tepee tent, perfect for spotting in a sea of khaki when drunk! In addition to this they have brought out printed waterproof clogs, yup on trend shoes that will protect you from the sludge, but you can wear in the sunshine!

They also have a new selection of holdalls in a range of pretty prints, so you can still look glam whilst trying to find a big enough camping space, and smaller bags to keep on you all day. Finally they have lots of pretty camping accessories, like a cooler bag for your wine, rugs, sunhats and umbrellas (just in case). So, if you are spending the weekend in a field, a little bit of Cath Kidston will make you feel fabulous!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Seven Dials 20% Off Shopping Evening

One of my favourite areas in London has to be Seven Dials, especially for cute boutiques, huge make up stores, stylish bookshops and tasty food, made even better by the combined village and city vibe given off in the area. Once again the shops are coming together for an amazing event, this time a 20% off evening on Thursday 29th April, which see’s many of the stores participating until from 5pm – 9pm. Along with the small boutiques like The Vintage Showroom and bigger companies like Urban Outfitters there are plenty of eateries participating, I highly recommend trying out Candy Cakes!

You need to register for the event, which will get you a voucher that you have to show throughout the night, meaning passing tourists will not be clogging up the shops trying to pass the time. There will also be 3 goodie bags given away on the night, each worth £150, so if you have quite a few bags make them obvious to the Seven Dials staff that will be around, as they will be targeting “bag-laden” shoppers.  Check out the website for the full list of participating stores, there are too many for me to mention!


Born in 2002 as a Portuguese Fashion Week store project, saymyname has since managed the inspire “a growing clientele of like minded people”. They describe their clothing as high casual, a mixture of design and street wear, and their following is now global, available in the UK through one of About your Dress’ favourites, Bespoke Boutique.

Saymyname’s current inspiration is based on “black music and black culture”, which has lead their designs to involve many textual gimmicks and striking detail, with a large emphasis on bright summer colours and a few pretty prints. The materials they use are easy to wear, and the shapes give you the look of high fashion, but the feel of your jersey basics, perfect for pulling off the “I just threw this on” look!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


London based label Jarlo began with a stall at one of About your Dress’ favourite markets, Portabello Road. However their mixture of beautiful prints and vintage shapes soon caught the eye of buyers and the press alike, and soon the hearts of fashionistas too.

Their dresses are gorgeous, perfect for the summer, inspired rock stars and film stars. Using a mix of flirty fabrics, fun prints and classic shapes, Jarlo have created the perfect collection of dresses for the ever warming weather.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


Dogeared: Sex and the City Line

Like the majority of the female population, About your Dress can’t wait for Sex and the City 2 to hit cinemas, especially after the full length trailer was released this week. I am also especially excited about jewellery brand Dogeared releasing a special line of Sex and the City inspired necklaces to celebrate the occasion. All of the pieces are presented in their usual fabulous manner, on a special Sex and the City card, in a beautiful gift box.

Eight of the necklaces feature one charm, each in silver and gold, and Dogeared have chosen charms which capsulate Sex and the City perfectly, including a stiletto, diamond and cocktail. In addition this these they have created a gorgeous cluster necklace also available in gold and silver featuring a heart, stiletto,  pearl and the Eiffel Tower on a loop. The line goes on sale on Tuesday 13th April, but you can join the waiting list now to make sure you get yours first.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:



Swatch Colour Codes

It’s not that often that About your Dress gets excited about watches, as I generally rely on my trusty Storm watch, or my phone. However, upon seeing Swatch’s new Colour Codes collections I have come over all nostalgic and want nothing more than to add a pop of colour to my summer outfits in the form of those faithful plastic straps.

Obviously there has been a 2010 update and they now fall into three categories, Shiny (perfect for the beach or with double denim), Matt (perfect for rocking with the utility trend) and Artist (perfect for when you’re letting out your creative side). Along side their watches, Swatch have also bought out a range of pretty jewellery, called Colour Codes Bijoux, to compliment the watches. So whether you want your watch to be your key piece, or to compliment your outfit, it really is an easy look to pull off!