The Outnet £1 Sale

As you probably know About your Dress loves finding a bargain, and one place that it’s easy to find one is, who specialise in “Discount Designer Finds at Fabulous Prices”. However, they have really outdone themselves for their 1st Birthday celebrations, where you can pick up a designer piece for £1. Yes, Chloe bags, Hervé Léger dresses and Jimmy Choo shoes for £1!

The sale is taking place on 16th April, and you have to register and RSVP by 11th April at Understandably there is only one item per person, and there are thousands of pieces to choose from, so get an idea of what you want first, although one lucky person will win a golden ticket, entitling them to 5 pieces. Also, it has not yet been announced what time the sale will begin so make sure you keep checking back, as it will be on a first come first served basis.


2 responses to “The Outnet £1 Sale

  1. This was a fake promotion!!!! Link provided to people registered on guest list was just link to normal web not to any sales. The only thing through this link was web with full priced items at 7.25am and a minute later the link was just showing big logo of company with text” sorry our web is not working”.It was showing this logo for 3 hours.
    Company just wanted to have advertisement-that is it.
    I hope this company will disappear . It is scam company and crook

    • Hi Meg,

      I too had trouble getting on there, unfortnately it started as I was on the train to work and my phone wouldn’t support the website. I did eventually get on there but pretty much everything was gone, and the site was too slow to pay for things before somebody else took it from you. I don’t think it was a scam, as the sister site to net-a-porter I don’t think they would want to risk damaging their reputation, but they were certainly not prepared for the website to have that much traffic.

      There have been a few large sales that I have attended, which I have turned up at the start time to find queues that are hours long. These are usually down to the bargains up for grabs being so good! The idea’s behind these events are great, but they need to be more prepared for the number of people they attract, especially the ones that you have to attend in person.

      Hope this event hasn’t made you lose your faith in amazing sales, there are some out there where you can pick up some great pieces!

      All the best,

      Kim x

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