Seven Dials 20% Off Shopping Evening

One of my favourite areas in London has to be Seven Dials, especially for cute boutiques, huge make up stores, stylish bookshops and tasty food, made even better by the combined village and city vibe given off in the area. Once again the shops are coming together for an amazing event, this time a 20% off evening on Thursday 29th April, which see’s many of the stores participating until from 5pm – 9pm. Along with the small boutiques like The Vintage Showroom and bigger companies like Urban Outfitters there are plenty of eateries participating, I highly recommend trying out Candy Cakes!

You need to register for the event, which will get you a voucher that you have to show throughout the night, meaning passing tourists will not be clogging up the shops trying to pass the time. There will also be 3 goodie bags given away on the night, each worth £150, so if you have quite a few bags make them obvious to the Seven Dials staff that will be around, as they will be targeting “bag-laden” shoppers.  Check out the website for the full list of participating stores, there are too many for me to mention!


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