Cath Kidston: Festival Fashion

I am a huge fan of Cath Kidston, the global lifestyle brand that every woman should own at least one thing from. Currently I own many of their little pieces like the iPhone cover, glasses case, oyster holder and mug to name a few, but my two biggest acquisitions have to be my tent, which has been going to festivals since 2006, and my carry all bag.

I went into the store the other day to find see what new items they have in, and it’s fair to say amongst their many gorgeous homewares, bags and accessories, there were some perfect festival pieces. If you weren’t lucky enough get your hands on a tent first time around, they have now brought out a lush Tepee tent, perfect for spotting in a sea of khaki when drunk! In addition to this they have brought out printed waterproof clogs, yup on trend shoes that will protect you from the sludge, but you can wear in the sunshine!

They also have a new selection of holdalls in a range of pretty prints, so you can still look glam whilst trying to find a big enough camping space, and smaller bags to keep on you all day. Finally they have lots of pretty camping accessories, like a cooler bag for your wine, rugs, sunhats and umbrellas (just in case). So, if you are spending the weekend in a field, a little bit of Cath Kidston will make you feel fabulous!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


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