The Ethnic Fashion Show

 Whilst looking for an African print dress, much like Tina Kalivas’ designs, but more in my price range, I came across The Ethnic Fashion Show. The concept of the show is to help consumers view ethnic designs not only as a micro trend, but as part of “fashion retail consumer habits”, since the garments on show are built to last a lot longer than the high street pieces they inspire. Some retailers have already started to do this, like ASOS with their ASOS Africa range, a collection designed, sourced and produced by community groups in Africa, but the show aims to raise further awareness.

There will be six very talented, recognised and inspirational designers showing, with the collections containing warm colours, bright shades and vivid combinations. The Ethnic Fashion Show will present new creative ways to re-interpret designs into pieces suitable for high street collections, satisfying a wider range of fashion consumers, without over emphases on ethnicity. The event takes place this Friday evening at the Africa Centre, in Covent Garden, from 6:30pm – 9pm.


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