You maybe remember back in February I did a post on Kurt Geiger Clogs, as they were first to market with semi-affordable offerings. However, due to the majority of my family being born between February and April I have yet to buy a pair, and it may have been worth the wait, and not because I have suddenly gone off them.

Whilst shopping this weekend, I couldn’t go into a shop without seeing a variation of the now much coveted clog, with these variations gathering much admiration, considering they are quite the Marmite trend of the season, but then again I love Marmite too. So to cut a long post short, if like me you really want some clogs, but have been troubled by the price tag, try a few of these. Ok, the first ones aren’t exactly cheap, but they are my new favourites!


Kurt Geiger, £130



Zara, £59.99

Asos, £85.00

Asos, £85

Next, £40

Topshop, £58

LIA 2 Part Clog Sandals

Mango, £55

Office, £60

Debenhams, £50



2 responses to “Clogs!

  1. I feel exactly the same as you-the clog is by far the Marmite trend of the fashion world,altho never one to miss a trend I have taken ur advice and purchased the Topshop ones… Although are clogs purely for skirts/dresses wearing? Or do these babies go with trousers?? Fab fab article!!! Love love lurve ur site xxSxx

  2. Aww thanks lovely!! Well I spent about an hour in Zara this weekend trying every pair of chino’s they had with clogs, I eventually settled for getting a skirt, but I think that might be because their chino’s did not suit me at all! Though in my head when I picture them with rolled up chinos they look good! xx

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