Fashion women get but men don’t.

I feel that over the last few years, I have noticed that woman are dressing more in clothes that earn them admiring looks from woman rather than ogling looks from men, basically wearing fashion that men just don’t get. Where as we are thinking “this maxi is gorgeous”, men are thinking what the point? We think “that turned up skinny chino and clog combo is so cool”, they are thinking manly! As for “underwear as outerwear” well they probably think we couldn’t get dressed, whilst we think we look the picture of fashion forward. Personally, I very much admit that I would much rather catch another woman admiring my outfit, rather than a man admiring what my outfit isn’t hiding.

I love clogs and wedges and maxi’s and I LOVE my high waisted khaki chinos, which I do love to wear turned up with vintage floral print shoe boots. Luckily, my boyfriend is a fashion student/blogger/buyer, so he understands many of my sartorial choices (though he says he will NEVER like wedges), however most people I know are completely different. Every casual Friday I can guarantee somebody will say “What are you wearing?”, whether it’s a printed Alpha 60 tee tucked into a beige skater skirt, some form of double denim, or an African print 50’s style dress, but it makes me feel good so I don’t care. My brother even text me once, after reading one of my Grazia comments about somebody in turned up chino’s, brogues and a satchel, and said “No she isn’t (cool)”, obviously not a look men lust after.

If you’re reading this and nodding in recognition, congratulate yourself, are also probably looking a lot more stylish than most people on the street, and feeling a lot more confident too!!

Just had to get that out.


One response to “Fashion women get but men don’t.

  1. Haha! Think I nodded my head in recognition the WHOLE way through this one! U keep up the fab style and blogging-sod everyone else-ur fab! Xx

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