Loulou Loves You

It’s no secret that I love bows, to the point I have two (tastefully placed) bow tattoos, and sometimes it definitely is a case of bigger is better (for bows not tattoos), so I was delighted to find Loulou Loves You. What began as one girl’s personal love affair with lingerie, has now expanded into an amazing shop selling all sorts of gorgeous accessories, including hairpieces, collars, necklaces and of course bows.

The Loulou Loves You Bow Emporium features bow headbands, bow brooches and bow fascinators, as well as my personal favourite, the giant bow. I found this when I was trying to update an old dress, and it will be perfect! Measuring 9” across and costing £20, it will be great for clipping onto a plain waistline or on a shoulder of a one strap dress or to a plain clutch for an updated, dressier bag. So, I plan to make this the latest bow in my collection, just need to decide on a colour.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


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