H&M AW10 Collection

To be quite honest, I’ve been going off H&M for a few seasons as every time I go in there I’m greeted by quite frankly cheap looking prints, and whilst they do have the odd hidden gem, the Oxford street and Regent street stores are usually too manic to even bother. However a few months ago I discovered that the Covent Garden store was actually quite peaceful, this prompted me to go in and buy a few basic pieces, and remember it for later.

Now I have just seen the new AW10 collection I will definitely be paying them a visit, as it is a lot more chic then their previous seasons. There is a lot of camel and tailoring, and once again they focus heavily on coats. Wait, don’t groan just yet. Whilst last winter most of their coats closely resembled tat, this year they have made a come back, featuring my favourite item, the camel cape, along with some other gorgeous cover ups. Along side these there are fabulously tailored flared trousers, “perfect for winter” shorts and several luxurious tops. It’s fair to say that H&M have grown up this season, a move which I think they needed.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


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