Boutique by Jaeger

Over the last few years, it has suddenly dawned on the fashion houses that not all young woman are dedicated to the high street, and even those (like my student self) who are not rolling in money are happy to splash out on a gorgeous piece of clothing. Jaeger, the luxury fashion brand who have been around for 126 years, are the latest to jump on board with their new younger, not so pricey, line Boutique by Jaeger. I can not give my opinion just yet as I have only seen a few press shots, but I can tell you that what I have seen to far has got me wanting to see more!


To celebrate, Jaeger are opening a pop up shop for the line at 10 Foubert’s Place, just off Carnaby Street, on Saturday 7th August. In addition to the entire Boutique by Jaeger line there will be a listening post from Rough Trade, highlights from the Jaeger London collection, a selection vintage brooches and a handpicked selection of contemporary brands including Les Nereides, Essi and Stenoflex. If you can not wait until then to see what is on offer, the online store goes live on Thursday 5th August!


One response to “Boutique by Jaeger

  1. can’t wait!! there are some really inexpensive things available

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