It is rare for me to blog about a brand that have products so far out of my price range that I could only dream of owning them right now, but some people just produce such beautiful pieces that I have to say something about them. This is exactly why I’m writing about Bijules, the amazing New York based jewellery brand created by Jules Kim.

Her designs are hauntingly beautiful, with bones and skulls featuring heavily. Skulls are made of solid precious metals, some with precious stones, which glisten so much you almost forget that they are encrusted into eye sockets. Rows of tiny gold bones are also joined together to make dainty pieces such as bracelets, head pieces and earrings, which are absolutely stunning. And that is only one collection.

Jules Kim has “the ability to create objects that mirror the beautiful and chaotic world we inhabit: with all its humor, tragedy, ambivalence, love and hate”, which is evident in her work. So, although I may not be able to own most of her jewellery just yet, I could probably save for a ring within a few months!


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