Laura Lee Jewellery

As much as I love costume jewellery, there is nothing like a piece that you can keep forever, which is exactly what Laura Lee Jewellery is all about. Her jewellery is casual but luxurious, simple enough to be worn everyday, and special enough to treasure for a life time. Her inspiration comes from all areas, but much of it comes from one piece of jewellery, her mothers charm bracelet which was overflowing with momento’s from all over the world.

The pieces that she crafts today are all handmade in her London studio, using only precious metals and gems. She enjoys working with coins, creating many pieces which feature them, along with classic pendants such as lockets and anchors, and more unusual charms including a pineapple and a palm tree. As well as chains and pendants, she also has a stunning selection of rings including beautifully engraved bands with phrases including “I shall return to my English Rose” and “Wish upon a star”.

 Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:




2 responses to “Laura Lee Jewellery

  1. Wow, it is all so stunning! Is there a store on the website? I have a really rubbish computer (here at work) and it is only half loading.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Love Christina xox

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