Monthly Archives: September 2010

Fashion Designers Sketchbooks


If you look on my book shelf you will find several publications from Laurence King, and their latest future classic, Fashion Designers Sketchbooks by Hywel Davies, will be definitely joining the shelf when it is published on 4th October.

This book is a must for any budding designer or fashion enthusiast alike, exploring many major names working in the industry today, including John Galliano, Dries Van Noten and Vivienne Westwood, who are interviewed alongside their own sketchbooks.

The entire process is followed, showing how photographs, sketches, mood boards, line-ups, toiles, fabric swatches and so much more contribute to the final pieces we see strutting down the catwalk every season. Fashion Designers Sketchbooks is an up-to-date, cutting edge overview of fashion design as it is today.


For Sale, Part 2

Just a short post to say I have more items up for sale on eBay, go and check them out!! Also, I need to apologise for the serious lack of posts recently, my laptop decided to start deteriorating very quickly a few weeks ago, which means it takes a while to do anything, and almost impossible to do blog posts. However, do not dispare, I am getting a new one this week, so About your Dress will resume normal service soon. There is also another pile of clothes that will go up for sale soon too (when I get said laptop), so watch this space…