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Rae Jones

If somebody knows about stylish shoes, it’s Rachel Jones, who established a career as very successful shoe trend specialist for many years, before turning her talents to designing. Every piece in her footwear line, Rae Jones, is everything you need in a pair of shoes, distintive, durable, wearable and above all, absolutely beautiful. Made from high grade Italian leathers; mixing wine, navy and beige colours, and inspired by inconic 1940’s shoe designers Beth and Herbert Levine, they are possibly the most unique shoes on the market today.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


Erica Weiner

Erica Weiner started making jewellery out of her New York apartment in 2005, using curiosities she had found on her travels over the years to create a line of gorgeous trinkets at an affordable price. The demand for her awe inspiring pieces soared locally, then nationally, and they are now coveted all over the globe, largely due to their uniqueness.

Whilst some pieces have similarities, such a bows, lockets and hearts featuring on a few designs, it seems that Erica just goes where her imagination takes her, which is definitely the secret to her enchanting jewellery. Whether it’s the elegant twig bracelet or the bold cocktail rings that catch your eye, the end product of this is always a charming trinket that you will treasure forever, wear everywhere and be asked about constantly.

Here are (quite) a few of About your Dress’ favourites: