Christmas Day Outfit

When it comes to the festive season there are many party outfits that we need to consider, as important as they are, it usually means another important outfit is overlooked… the Christmas day outfit.

Much has to be taken into consideration with the Christmas day outfit, firstly are you leaving the house for Christmas? Do you need to wrap up? Are sensible shoes a necessity? If this is the case then remember to layer up and wear nice socks. Are you travelling for Christmas? Make sure you plan your outfit in advance, as I have just done.

 Another important consideration is Christmas dinner, last year I wore a body con skirt and oversized Christmas jumper, it was rather comfy until I’d eaten, body con, nibbles and a three course meal do not bode well.

Finally, don’t forget about the camera. Gone are the days when photos of you mooching in your scruffs all Christmas day are confined to the family album, now you can pretty much guarantee that your mum/brother/cousin (insert appropriate) will have them on Facebook by the end of boxing day.

So after some thought, since I have to pack soon, I have decided on an ASOS Knitted 60’s Shift Dress, fleece lined black tights and black suede Billi Bi ankle boots to see me through the day.


2 responses to “Christmas Day Outfit

  1. gorgeous gorgeous dress! I want it! I have no idea what I’m going to be wearing, and I have to pack this evening – we are off to Paul’s parents for Christmas. Wish me luck – I know I won’t end up with an outfit as good as yours! xxx

    • I’m sure you’ll look fab! I’ve got my clothes sorted but not packed yet, I’m trying to wrap pressies at the mo. Ohhh I hope you have a good time, you’ll be hosting Christmas in your finished house next year! xxx

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