Kat Maconie

British born footwear designer Kat Maconie launched her first collection in 2009 after working in design and product development teams for a variety of brands. Despite being relatively new she has already caught the eye everyone from Vogue to Drapers and is already stocked in six countries.

Kat’s designs are gorgeous on the outside with obvious attention to detail, shown by touches such as fans, ropes and her signature gold screws. I thought the boots I coveted would be too high (I love high heels but cannot handle them for too long), but after trying them on I admitted I was wrong. Her shoes also have inner beauty in the form of Mould to Measure insoles, which makes them more comfortable with every wear. Basically, your all round perfect shoe!

 Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


3 responses to “Kat Maconie

  1. I discovered Kat Maconie last year and couldn’t believe what I’d been missing! I’ve got a couple of pairs of her flats and, as you say, they’ve got lovely details and the Mould to Measure insoles make them unbelievably comfy. Though not being a natural heel wearer, your post makes me think that I should give them a go…!

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