Charlotte Taylor

Of the new designers I’ve come across, there is one that really sticks out when it comes to everyday wear that makes you feel (and look obvs) good, that is Charlotte Taylor. Tweed, penguins and stylish waterproof capes (please remove any theme park poncho images from your mind) all featured in her AW10 collection, which was perfect for every occasion whether you’re a city dweller or country chic. AW10 favourites…

Her Spring Summer 11 collection features amazing shapes, fun prints and bright colours. Taking on a variety of trends she has nailed the midi’s, maxi’s, 70’s and careful tailoring through a variety of pieces that all bode well together as well as look good with basic staples. SS11 favourites…

Although there has not been much noise from her over the past few months, she blogged yesterday saying that the business had gone through some changes and that she would divulge them soon. So, fingers crossed its good news as I think this lady has far to go in the fashion world, especially with her down to earth “Lancashire Lass” attitude.


2 responses to “Charlotte Taylor

  1. Really love the cut of the clothes, they look so flattering. I hope that the news is good to, thank you for intoducing me to her!

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