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Flash Sale

Walking to work today I could help but notice that the empty shop next door had big writing in the window. Ok, I got a little excited, I thought we were getting new neighbours, but what I read made me even happier. FLASH SALE! Yes, a massive secret clearance sale for AW10/11 goods from amazing brands including Jaeger, Burberry and Vivienne Westwood (see the flyer for the full list) with 50%-70% off. It will last from 2nd -6th March and take place at 65-67 Monmouth Street in the Seven Dials, Covent Garden.


Fashion East AW11

As you may have noticed I kind of like my new designers, which I why I always look forward to the Fashion East show, from the organisation which offers support and a platform for new designers. This year saw James Long, Simone Rocha and Elliot Atkinson take to the runway with their innovative AW11 designs. Sheer, fur, feathers, crochet and leather were just some of the focal points of the collections, with each designer exhibiting exactly why they deserve this amazing opportunity. In a few years I fully expect these three exceptional designers to become fashion household names, as they follow the footsteps of Fashion Week regulars Henry Holland, Holly Fulton and Gareth Pugh.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

 James Long

Simone Rocha

 Elliot Atkinson

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Jaeger AW11

Another collection that I am a little bit in love with from London Fashion Week is Jaeger’s AW11 offering. A main focus was BIG collars and bright colours, something that I think they pulled off very well. Burnt orange and mustard seemed to be popular whilst their more subtle coloured pieces used fur and shearling to draw attention.

Stylish is definitely the one word I would use to describe Jaeger’s collection, with incredible tailoring evident in the cut of their trousers, a garment that I don’t usually wear, or pay much attention to. However, whilst this is a fabulous collection and I don’t want to take attention away from that, one thing I really want to know is who designed the footwear? The boots were quite simply amazing.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


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House of Holland AW11

Ever since I got my first Fashion Groupie tee at the age of 17 I have been a fan of Henry Holland’s fun designs, and I intend to fully embrace it before I get too old for them. I’m sure you’ve heard all about the collection, Bingo Balls, YES! Candy Stripe socks to be worn with my platform sandles and, pardon me for saying, a slight Big Fat Gypsy Wedding theme (Giant gold earrings and a croydon facelift anyone?) mixed with Grandma chic. But hey, it’s House of Holland, they make it work! So, without further ado, here is the video…

My Views on Polly Vernon’s Grazia Article

I don’t tend to write very opinionated posts because I’m not the sort of person who likes to cause controversy, therefore I just tend to write about what I like, maybe I should have called the blog Kim Likes? However, there is something that I really want to express my opinion on, and that’s Polly Vernon’s Grazia article “Has skinny really gone out of fashion?”.

I read it this afternoon after seeing some comments on how it is a bit Kenneth Tong-ish, and I couldn’t disagree more. After seeing me tweet about reading it, Polly asked what I thought and I said “Personally, I wouldn’t want to be a size 6, but I’d like to drop a size to a 10. But I didn’t think that you’re article was saying that everybody should be a size 6, it was just saying that many people do want to be skinny, but they deny it because they feel like it’s wrong to say it, which is fair enough” she said that is exactly how she hoped it would be read, she didn’t say “you don’t want to be a size 6, you disgust me”. Furthermore, I agree with her point.

I think her point is aimed at people like me. To put this into context I’m just short of 5’8”, have no idea what I weigh but I’m generally a size 12 in dresses, and a 14 in trousers as I do have a relatively big bum. I have almost always been a little heavier than I want to be and I do want to lose a few pounds, so I am a 10/12 rather than a 12/14, but I find it hard because I genuinely enjoy food. And yes, I think about my weight a lot, I’m not sure how often other girls do, but for me it’s at least 4/5 times a day. However, I find myself being careful about saying it mainly because a few times it has been met by “You look fine as you are, why do you want to look like one of those size 0 models?”, when that’s not what I said at all.

By saying I want to be a little skinnier I seem to be saying that waif-like models are goddesses, Kenneth Tong is right (he isn’t and I hugely disagree with his Twitter debacle), and anyone bigger than a size 10 is obese, I become shallow and image obsessed, even though I’m not saying any of those things. I think the reason we feel bad for wanting to be skinny is because magazines write “EMBRACE YOUR CURVES” and “SIZE 14 WALKS THE CATWALK” on one page, then put a 6ft size 0 model in gorgeous clothing on the next, and diet tips on the page after that, no wonder we’re confused.

I’m not saying that being skinny would make me happy and my life better, it’s just one of many aspects in life. I became rather skinny after being ill for a month once, and it’s not a good look for me, I put the weight back. However, wearing a sleeveless top with toned arms would give me a little smile when I passed a mirror on a summer day.

J.W. Anderson AW11

I love paisley, I love good tailoring, I love a bit of colour and I love subtle twists like lots of feathers and contrast sleeves. Can you see where I am going with this? I love J.W. Anderson. My admiration started with their menswear before they created their gorgeous first Womenswear collection, and I have been anxious to see what they would do for their AW11 collection. It’s fair to say I’m impressed, it’s different but wearable. The clothes are a little more grown up, but then again so is the brand, which is why they will be around for years to come.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

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Victoria Beckham AW11

When I was younger I loved Victoria Beckham, being the right age to fully embrace the Spice Girls era. Then that all ended and I grew thinking that she was just living off the status of her footballer husband, another WAG basically. A few years after that I was proved massively wrong, and I admit it, her first dress collection had me in awe, elegant but fun and styled to perfection.

Cut to her AW11 collection and I still think the same, fabulous tailoring and bright colours feature on her classic designs, as well as draping and structure to add that unique twist, keeping it on trend with winter maxi’s. If I had the money the Rounded Shoulder Raglan Coat would definitely be my winter staple, so it’s fair to say that I once again believe in VB and it is quite obvious that she has finally found her calling in making beautiful dresses.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Opening Ceremony Footwear SS11

I have been meaning to do this post since the Opening Ceremony Footwear SS11 collection dropped at work last week, but alas uni work has taken over again. The new collection features gorgeous feminine styles, including lace and T-bars, on stocky heels and big platforms, which I sincerley recommend wearing with a midi or a maxi to keep your outfit looking edgy. In addition to this they have updated their AW10 clog boot with summer friendly colours and brought out some stunning wedges, however I am struggling to find pictures of them. Part of the collection is available from Poste Mistress in Covent Garden now.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Readers, I Need Your Help!

As those of you who have read my “What is it About?” page will know, I am a final year Marketing student. Currently I am in the process of pursuing my dream job at Saatchi and Saatchi, through their graduate scheme. The application process requires applicants to do mini projects via briefs set on their Facebook Page, the first of which is to set up a new Twitter page and build a following with a creative idea. Of course, my first instinct was to do a Fashion twitter, but I already have one of those for the blog so I set about finding a new idea.

The point of Twitter is to keep it simple, as simple as 140 characters really, so I have set up OverheardUK. We have all overheard funny things and have been desperate to share them with somebody, but alas nobody has been there, so this gives you a place to share them with the whole wide (tweeting) world. All I’m asking is for you to follow and take part, so I can bring you hours of advertising entertainment in the future.

Many thanks and love as always,