Ooopppss. I’ve not been very good with keeping up with blogging since my exams finished, things have been a little crazy, lots of catching up with friends, celebrating results (finished with a 2:1) and I got a new (degree related) job! All this time it seems to be getting wetter and wetter, and I’ve been dreaming more and more about bright high heels, because what’s life without amazing shoes?

This is how I discovered Casadei, the Italian brand that is over 50 years old, a sure sign of quality. They have created some amazing pieces this season, chunky heels, big platforms, sculpted wedges, and eye-catching pop colours.

Here are a few of my favourites:


2 responses to “Casadei

  1. Hi, i just stumble upon your blog (by the way, amazing)
    and I wanted to share the first pair of Casadei platforms in action… worn by the amazing Kylie Minogue


  2. Hi! Thanks 🙂 They are beautiful shoes, and from that pic they look even more gorgeous on!! x

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