Monthly Archives: August 2011


I’ve always had a little bit of a soft spot for gothic fashion, never the whole look but I love pulling the odd piece into another look. CMRTYZ are a design duo who create a mish mash of art, music and clothes which are usually aimed at men. However, they have also produced a fab selection of stylishly ripped dressed and tops for women that would look fab thrown over tshirts or maxi’s for that Dior inspired look.


Electrique Ladyland

Whilst looking for a navajo handbag (see last post), I also came across Eletrique Ladyland who make amazing headpieces as well as a range of other indian inspired accessories. Anybody who knows me has had to put up with me going on about navajo inspired headpieces for months now and these are my absolute faves!

Sabrina Tach

I’ve gone a little navajo obsessed recently, a few weeks ago I declared that I would spend the rest of summer dressed as a native indian, but unfortunately having a grown up job doesn’t allow for that. However, I can indulge in a fitting handbag, which is why I’m loving Sabrina Tach on Etsy. The Uruguayan fashion designer started making hangbags when she realised the quality of leather in her country, and carried on creating on trend pieces every season since.

This year there is a heavy emphasis on the navajo trend with tassles, fringing and handwoven designs. As well as the slouchy hobo classic the theme is incorporated into satchels and my new bag crush, backpacks. And of course the beaut of it being from Etsy is that you won’t bump into somebody with the same one (my worst nightmare where prints are involved!)

Neurotica AW11

Neurotica‘s new AW11 collection follows their “dressed up, dressed down” mantra perfectly. With new prints and a monochrome colour palette its a little tougher than their SS11 offering but gorgeous and fun all the same. I mean, a hood with cat ears? Who can say no to that!