Best of the Blogs: Le Blow

I know that my blog posting has been an absolute shambles recently, but I’m still managing to read the best of the blogs. One I can’t get enough of is fashion and lifestyle site, Le Blow, written by a “collective of witty women-in-the-know”.

Their unique style and opinions make the basics like fashion, music and relationships a far better read than your standard glossy mag, since these ladies have nothing holding them back. This said, what I really frickin’ love about Le Blow are the inspired features such as WTF?, Stereotyped and How to… written using their own experiences and vices, they say what you’re thinking and tell you things you never knew you needed to know.


3 responses to “Best of the Blogs: Le Blow

  1. Cor, thanks for the props. We’re glad you likey. Makes us feel all warm inside.

  2. How weird, discovered Le Blow about ten minutes ago! I’m looking forward to reading more from them, it’s good stuff!

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