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New Years Resolutions

Since yesterday bypassed as a blur of sitting in bed with friends all day, watching films, eating rubbish, nursing hangovers and having a sing along to Adele on the BBC (how amazing was that?), I have decided that today is actually New Years day, and therefore it’s time for some resolutions.

Every year I have the same New Years resolution, usually revolving around eating better and exercising more, but 2011 provided a few pretty big changes in my life, so I thought 2012 should have new ones.

 1. Blogging

I’ll be the first to admit that blogging fell by the side in 2011, so much has been going on that I thought I couldn’t find the time, when I was probably just being a bit lazy. So, whilst I’m not exactly a lady of leisure I will put more effort into getting posts up more often. Also, when I look back, I feel that 90579786 uni projects definitely had some negative impact on my writing, soz, promise that I’ll never sound like I’m writing a report EVER AGAIN!

2. Cycling

Right now I have a helmet, tools and guides, just not an actual bike yet. I was given bike money for Christmas (thought people stopped getting bikes for Christmas at about the age of 8, didn’t you?), however I’m taking my time to find a really good one at a fair price, oh yes, how sensible of me! By the summer I’m hoping I’ll be Elle Macpherson that day I saw her cycling around Notting Hill, probably not.

3. Higher heels

Over the years my heel wearing ability has become something to be ashamed of, going from working a 9 hour shift at Harrods in 6 inches when I was feeling it, to working at Poste Mistress barely lasting the day in anything other than flats. During the summer a few pairs of platform sandals found their way into my wardrobe, and by winter both pairs of my everyday boots featured high chunky heels. Since I now have a “proper” job, and I spend a lot of the day sitting, I’m hoping 2012 will be the year that I can aim higher with my heels.

4. Hair

My hair is finally getting to a good length and thickness since the last time I thought it would be a brilliant idea to get a sophisticated bob, but I’ve slipped back into the old style of polka straight hair with a blunt cut fringe which I’ve had since my indie kid college days. Whilst visiting my mum over Christmas I mentioned how much I love Pasty’s hair in Ab Fab (not just her hair, the woman is my idol), and she managed to whip mine into a perfect beehive within a few minutes, making my final resolution to take full advantage of my growing hair, if anybody can recommend some gorgeous but not too difficult styles, please do!

Hopefully these are resolutions I can actually stick to, and I’ll go into 2013 as a ridiculously high heel wearing, dutch bike riding, blogger with ever changing hairstyles, or something along those lines. I can dream right?

What resolutions has everybody else made? Broken them yet?