What is this?

Kim Penelope Mary

I grew up in Nottingham and moved to London when I was 18.
I’m now 22.
I love a good cup of tea, if you make me a good cuppa I’ll probably love you forever…
However, I love a good cocktail more.
I became a BA Hons Business Marketing graduate in June 2011.
I much prefer East to West.
Blue cheese and Marmite are my favourite foods.
I’m also quite partial to an ice lolly.
I like watching gigs in small venues rather than big stadiums.
I work in a brand engagement agency as an account executive.
I’m teaching myself to sew.
If you didn’t guess, I love fashion. I buy too many clothes and spend too much time putting looks together…
But I don’t like having my photo taken, so you probably won’t see many of them.
I’m not too bad with numbers either.

About your Dress

I blog and tweet because people had had enough of listening to me talk about clothes and brands and trends, so I decided I needed a wider (more appreciative) audience.

Although this started out as a fashion blog, talking about brands, news, sales and events that I wanted to tell the world about, I have also ended up covering the other things I love. So, you’ll probably find some pieces about markets, books, magazines, food, music, sewing and my other interests!

If you think I’ll like what you do enough to feature you on About your Dress feel free to contact me and join me on Twitter!

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