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Seven Dials 20% Off Shopping Evening

For most people, Christmas Shopping is a chore, especially in London, especially in December. So the lovely people in Covent Garden’s Seven Dials are throwing another fab event to help you out, a 20% off shopping evening on Thursday 25th November.

As well as this generous discount on a whole range of clothing, shoes, make-up, gadgets and gifts, many of the stores will also be giving you instore entertainment and special treats. Also, you don’t have to worry if all of the shopping is wearing you out either, as many of the eateries are offering you a discount too.

To top it off, as well as amazing discounts, special treats and entertainment, all in the beautiful (and very christmassy) Covent Garden, Seven Dials staff will also be on the prowl, giving out goodie bags to some lucky shoppers. Just don’t forget to register here first…


Best of the Blogs: Domestic Sluttery

I pride myself on a beautiful home (by that I mean one-bed flat in South East London), but find with work, social commitments and other engagements I don’t have much time to dedicate to being domestic. If you are nodding your head in agreement, then you should check out my lastest Best of the Blogs edition Domestic Sluttery, the home and lifestyle blog for women who have better things to do.

Written by a group of woman from different professions, passions and in one case country, who cook, decorate and design (usually with a glass of wine in their hand), they can show you how to make your home gorgeous without having to give up your life. As well as food, drink and design, they also cover health and beauty, to make sure you’re looking as fabulous as your home!

Aesop x APC Fine Fabric Care


Being of the sensitive skin type, I generally take good care of my skin, and being of the fashion type, I take good care of my clothes, so I was delighted to find something that does both! Beauty and skincare brand Aesop have teamed up with one of my favourite brands, A.P.C, to create a fabric wash, Fine Fabric Care, which is especially designed for fragile clothing.

Created from the finest ingredients including Pettigrain, Lemon and Cedarwood Fine Fabric Care will be perfect for fabrics such as cashmere, which usually can’t go near detergents. At $37 it isn’t exactly in the same price range as Persil, however it’s a lot less expensive than ruining a precious fabric or accumulating dry cleaning bills. Unfortunately it’s not out until later in the year, but it will be just in time to rescue your winter shrinkables!

Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara

You may have noticed that I do not really blog about beauty, that’s because I’m super pale so I found out suits me and stuck to it. However there are two beauty products that I swear by, no matter what your skin tone is like, firstly the obvious YSL Touche Éclat, and secondly Boot’s Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara. I first discovered this mascara when I was about 15, pretty poor, and unaware of just how different one mascara is to the next, since I have been blessed with fairly good eye lashes (probably to make up for my super sensitive pale skin).

The wonder mascara costs only £1.99 and does really build your lashes, lengthens, volumises, curls, the works. Not long after I got this mascara my mum, who has less lashes and darker skin than me, started to borrow it, and not long after that my best friend, who has very straight lashes, decided to try it. That was about 6 years ago, and all three of us, as well as a whole host of people they have introduced to it, still swear by it. So, if you have £1.99 spare, I urge you to try it!