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Best of the Blogs: Le Blow

I know that my blog posting has been an absolute shambles recently, but I’m still managing to read the best of the blogs. One I can’t get enough of is fashion and lifestyle site, Le Blow, written by a “collective of witty women-in-the-know”.

Their unique style and opinions make the basics like fashion, music and relationships a far better read than your standard glossy mag, since these ladies have nothing holding them back. This said, what I really frickin’ love about Le Blow are the inspired features such as WTF?, Stereotyped and How to… written using their own experiences and vices, they say what you’re thinking and tell you things you never knew you needed to know.


Best of the Blogs: From Primark to Prada

It’s been a while but I’ve taken a little bit of time out on my sick day to catch up on some of my favourite blogs. There is one that I was surprised to find wasn’t on my blogroll since I’ve read pretty much every post, and that’s From Primark to Prada. Written by Katy Brown, who is “attempting to lead a champagne lifestyle on a cava budget,” this fairly new blog never fails to make me laugh. Its author is obviously a fashionista of the highest levels (mixing high street, designer and vintage requires style), who writes in such an insightful, honest and outright witty demeanour it’s impossible not to want to read more.

Fifi Lapin: What Shall I Wear Today?

In the world of animals, there is only one known for her fashion sense, Fifi Lapin, the worlds most stylish bunny. After the phenomenal success her blog has had, despite having a slightly different body shape to most of us, Fifi is set to release a book, on 16th September, answering the question we all ask ourselves, What Shall I Wear Today? Sharing her secrets to perfecting everyday chic, being an irresistible date, looking casual without looking crumpled, getting a pay rise or going for hold-the-front-page glamour, Fifi Lapin can help you out with perfecting your (already fabulous) life.

J.W. Anderson

I have long admired J.W. Anderson, the Irish menswear designer who originally moved to Washington DC to study drama, before moving to London to follow his newly found love for fashion, which he discovered when working with stage costumes. He established his label before graduating in 2001, and made his debut at London Fashion week in 2007, keeping with his dramatic but exciting style ever since.

Earlier this year he finally produced a womenswear collection, called SAINT + ASSASIN for AW10, and like the menswear the pieces are gorgeously dramatic and right on trend. The collection, which is now available on ASOS, features soft camel cashmere with oversized knits and tassel heart tee’s, as well as sheer black tops and tartan biker jackets, so there are pieces to express all sides of you.

As well as checking out the new collection you should also look at their amazing blog, which not only keeps you up to date on J.W. Anderson news, but also showcases some gorgeous photography. There are some current photographs but the best are the old ones, many of which were found in ancient books or seem to be old family snaps.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Best of the Blogs: Pedestrian Thoughts and Ideas

I love a good fashion blog, but sometimes it’s good to go back to basics and just read a blog about one person’s personal experiences, which is exactly what Pedestrian Thoughts and Ideas is about. I may be slightly biased as I know the person who writes it, but that just means I also know that the things that he writes about are completely true. His posts are a mixture of funny happenings (he is one of those people that hilarious things just happen to) and general musings on life, written with heaps of genius wit that will literally have you crying with laughter.

Best of the Blogs: Domestic Sluttery

I pride myself on a beautiful home (by that I mean one-bed flat in South East London), but find with work, social commitments and other engagements I don’t have much time to dedicate to being domestic. If you are nodding your head in agreement, then you should check out my lastest Best of the Blogs edition Domestic Sluttery, the home and lifestyle blog for women who have better things to do.

Written by a group of woman from different professions, passions and in one case country, who cook, decorate and design (usually with a glass of wine in their hand), they can show you how to make your home gorgeous without having to give up your life. As well as food, drink and design, they also cover health and beauty, to make sure you’re looking as fabulous as your home!

Lottie Loves & Frocking Fabulous

So this somewhat of a double post, firstly to add the latest new comer to Best of the Blogs, domestic diva, red obsessive, vintage enthusiast, 1940’s loving and general all round fabulous lady, Lottie Loves. I have been following Lottie on Twitter and reading her blog for a while now, and she does not disappoint, especially since she has made Friday an even better day than it already is, with Think Frock it’s Friday. Whilst I embrace dresses on a daily basis, I too find it shocking how many people don’t, which is why I love that Lottie created this day, encouraging woman to wear dresses at least one day a week to make them feel oh so more fabulous!

This brings my swiftly onto part two of this post, the amazing vintage site I discovered today, Frocking Fabulous, the perfect place to find a Think Frock It’s Friday dress. They sell a range of gorgeous vintage dresses, day, night, mini, maxi, there will be something you’ll love, as they pick their pieces carefully, ensuring everything they sell is bang on trend for this season. If getting a good quality, one off, vintage piece is not enough, it will also be an absolute steal, as most of their dresses are half the price of what you would pay in your average vintage store.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Best of the Blogs: Feast on Scraps

From now on rather than just adding blogs to my blogroll and hoping people see them, I have decided to dedicate a post to them. My newest edition is Feast on Scraps, a blog not dedicated to fashion, but food. I love most food, but unfortunately when I am hungry I’m often reluctant to try something new, and always end up at the same old trusty places. Laura, the voice behind Feast on Scraps, takes the uncertainty away by writing about cheap eats and hidden gems around London, as well as her own kitchen experiments. So head over and take a look, meal times will never be the same again!