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I guess this is goodbye…

I think this is it, I’m finally admitting defeat. When I started blogging it was largely because I was always playing with my then-boyfriend’s blog and he convinced me to do one of my own. This was when I was a student with a lot of spare time and feeling the need to do something productive with it. It’s definitely been incredibly fun, I’ve met some lovely people and it helped with other aspects of life too, but my heart just isn’t in it anymore.

Somewhere in the last year a lot changed and life got busier. I seem to have started every post for a while with something along the lines of “I know, I’ve been rubbish at blogging”, and I don’t take well to being bad at something. I prefer to give it my all. I’d love to stay blogging if I felt I had the time to do that, but I prefer putting my ever dwindling spare time into other projects at the moment. It’s actually taken a day off work for me to sit down and really write this.

I’ll carry on reading all of the blogs I love, still aware of the dedication that goes into every single post, and comment on the ones I do read just so my favourite bloggers are aware of how much I appreciate their writing. So let me know lots of new and old ones to check out please! I’m obviously still going to be ever-present on Twitter, and attempting to say on top on Tumblr. However, for now I think blogging is a commitment that I just can’t keep up.

I never really was any good at saying goodbye, but I think this is more like so long, for now.


New Years Resolutions

Since yesterday bypassed as a blur of sitting in bed with friends all day, watching films, eating rubbish, nursing hangovers and having a sing along to Adele on the BBC (how amazing was that?), I have decided that today is actually New Years day, and therefore it’s time for some resolutions.

Every year I have the same New Years resolution, usually revolving around eating better and exercising more, but 2011 provided a few pretty big changes in my life, so I thought 2012 should have new ones.

 1. Blogging

I’ll be the first to admit that blogging fell by the side in 2011, so much has been going on that I thought I couldn’t find the time, when I was probably just being a bit lazy. So, whilst I’m not exactly a lady of leisure I will put more effort into getting posts up more often. Also, when I look back, I feel that 90579786 uni projects definitely had some negative impact on my writing, soz, promise that I’ll never sound like I’m writing a report EVER AGAIN!

2. Cycling

Right now I have a helmet, tools and guides, just not an actual bike yet. I was given bike money for Christmas (thought people stopped getting bikes for Christmas at about the age of 8, didn’t you?), however I’m taking my time to find a really good one at a fair price, oh yes, how sensible of me! By the summer I’m hoping I’ll be Elle Macpherson that day I saw her cycling around Notting Hill, probably not.

3. Higher heels

Over the years my heel wearing ability has become something to be ashamed of, going from working a 9 hour shift at Harrods in 6 inches when I was feeling it, to working at Poste Mistress barely lasting the day in anything other than flats. During the summer a few pairs of platform sandals found their way into my wardrobe, and by winter both pairs of my everyday boots featured high chunky heels. Since I now have a “proper” job, and I spend a lot of the day sitting, I’m hoping 2012 will be the year that I can aim higher with my heels.

4. Hair

My hair is finally getting to a good length and thickness since the last time I thought it would be a brilliant idea to get a sophisticated bob, but I’ve slipped back into the old style of polka straight hair with a blunt cut fringe which I’ve had since my indie kid college days. Whilst visiting my mum over Christmas I mentioned how much I love Pasty’s hair in Ab Fab (not just her hair, the woman is my idol), and she managed to whip mine into a perfect beehive within a few minutes, making my final resolution to take full advantage of my growing hair, if anybody can recommend some gorgeous but not too difficult styles, please do!

Hopefully these are resolutions I can actually stick to, and I’ll go into 2013 as a ridiculously high heel wearing, dutch bike riding, blogger with ever changing hairstyles, or something along those lines. I can dream right?

What resolutions has everybody else made? Broken them yet?

GALA Curios

GALA Curios is the name of the gorgeous jewellery created by Sydney based designer Jasmine O’Loughlin. The idea behind each collection comes from a theme inspired by nature, curiosities and the human connection to memories and objects. By combining her talent with unique ideas, the outcome of Jasmine’s designs are like nothing I have come across before, from log rings to hand holding bracelets to my old favourite, bows. These beauties fall in the “investment” catergory for me, but they are definitely worth it if you want a piece that will start a conversation no matter the outfit.

Fourth & Main Journal

It’s a rarity (a first maybe?) but yes I’m writing about a menswear brand, I’m suprised I don’t do it more often considering I love whats happening in mens fashion at the moment. The clothing and contemporary lifestyle brand, Fourth & Main, make exquisite classic but versatile pieces, with hints of English and East Coast preppiness. However, I’m not actually going to write about their clothing now, but instead their journal.

I came across the Fourth & Main journal at work (incase you’ve ever wondered what my day job is *you probably haven’t* it sometimes involves coming up with ideas for branded content) and whilst I’ve seen lots of papers and magazines for fashion brands, this one just seemed to take it a step further, and not only because it looks more like a book than a Sunday rag insert.

The 125 page journal focuses on emerging talent in art, film, music, photography and journalism, creating compelling stories that you want to read rather than just dedicating it to pictures of their clothes, which have their own little section, The Collection. Although saying that, from what I’ve seen, the photography is pretty spectacular. Now I just need to get my hands on a paper copy!

Ladylike Courts

Oh wowz, I appear to have come over all ladylike. Ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but I’ve recently found my footwear interests turning to sensible height court shoes, as opposed to either flat loafers or skyscraper heels. I think it goes back to last weekend, when a mix of A LOT of cheap alcohol, an inviting looking stage and standard 6 inch platforms saw me nearly break my ankle several times in one night. This made me forgo mahoooosive heels for my graduation two days later in favour of 3 inch black courts, for fear of falling on my face on stage.

I have since dug out the courts I have purchased over the past year, and to be honest haven’t worn, to try and mix in with my AW wardrobe. Yes, they do look pretty cute paired with a fur coat and wool tights. Yes, they do make high waisted skinny jeans dressier when I’m going out from work. And yes, the chances of breaking my neck/ankle/dignity are significantly lowered. BUT, they’re really not that comfortable, the lack of cushioning and pointy toes manage to kill my feet off by the end of the day, which is  the main reason I avoided them in the past, and they don’t do any particlar wonders for the derriere either.

Will I still wear them despite the pain? Whilst I’m going through this little ladylike shoe phase, yes. Here are a few high street pairs I’ve been eyeing up…

Dotty Bow Court Topshop £60

Green Triangle Heel Court New Look £25

Dries Van Noten Look-a-likes-at-less-than-half-the-price Kurt Geiger £120

Plain Purple Suede Court Office £58

Black Glittery Court Dorothy Perkins £32

Christmas List Part 1

Being constantly poor sucks, doesn’t it? Ok, I don’t live in poverty, but there are a lot of beautiful, often shiny, things that I NEED in my life, and I haven’t recently found the time to rob a bank. But it’s doesn’t hurt to look, long for or lust after these perfect garments does it? It doesn’t matter that my heart breaks a little bit when I know I will never own them does it? Alright, I’m actually a little bit in love with these clothes, so I’m going to start putting together a little Christmas list and hope that santa is feeling seriously generous this year…

The Ragged Priest

I usually try and give a whole lot of info on the brands I post about, but that’s proving a little difficult with The Ragged Priest, so I’ll tell you what I know.

a) I’ve been stalking their reworked vintage pieces on eBay for agesss

b) I just found out they had a website too, and they’re stocked at Topshop

c) There is no way to describe their knitwear other than absolutely BEAUTIFUL

d) I’m pretty sure they’re from Essex

e) Their blog is pretty good too

Hmmm, five facts, that wasn’t too bad. Here are some of the lookbook pics I’ve been lusting over…

Stolen Girlfriends Club Go Online

I’ve said it 50 billion times, but I have loved Stolen Girlfriends Club for a long time now. Unfortunately access to their clothes has been purely down to how the buyers of UK boutiques and online retailers are feeling that season. But finally, THEY ARE GOING ONLINE and shipping to the UK, so get Friday 4th November in your calender kids! Starting with a large range of their current collection “The Big Comedown Collection” with future seasons to follow, be prepared to start filling your wardrobe with some gosh damn beautiful clothes that aren’t going to be easy to find else where.

Storm Press Breakfast

Ok ok, another late one. A few weeks ago now the lovely girls at Chase PR held a fab breakfast for Storm watches. However, whilst the watches were as gorgeous as always, no new news there, it was the bags which really caught my eye. Huge oversized clutches in luxury leathers, big enough to fit everything you need in, carry around at work all day then take for drinks in the evening. There is some serious bag love going on here, they both might have just made it to the top of my Christmas list!

Vintage Finds

Since leaving my student life behind and becoming a 9-5’er (using the term loosely there), I’ve been discovering what weekends are about again. One thing I seriously missed was spending Saturday trawling around Brick Lane, trying to find other peoples old clothes at less than extortionate prices, got to love vintage eh?

After a month or so of spending my newly free Saturdays lying in bed/nursing a hangover/attempting to sort out my life and because a friend asked me to go, I finally made it up there and picked up some bargains, which I thought I’d share. I would have taken pics of myself wearing them but, when have you seen pictures of me on here? Do you even know what I look like? Well, actually pretty normal, except I’m not sure if I like my new ginger hair, and if I put this post off any longer it’ll never get finished.

Cobalt Blue Peg Leg Jumpsuit, £22, Beyond Retro

Polka Dot Shift Dress, £15, Absolute Vintage

Polka Dot Shirt (Does actually look good on), £10, Vintage Basement

Bag, £22, Absolute Vintage

Specs, £10, a market. (Obvs having my lens put in at Specsavers, I don’t where clear frame glasses, I’m not a dick.)

Pina Colada in a pineapple, £4.

N.B. I also got a lovely purple playsuit from The Vintage Store, but I’m in the process of altering it so I haven’t taken a picture. However, have to give the guys there a thank you for looking for my favourite Ray Bans (left them in some shoes apparently, and I really needed my face hiding) whilst I carried on shopping else where, heroes.