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GALA Curios

GALA Curios is the name of the gorgeous jewellery created by Sydney based designer Jasmine O’Loughlin. The idea behind each collection comes from a theme inspired by nature, curiosities and the human connection to memories and objects. By combining her talent with unique ideas, the outcome of Jasmine’s designs are like nothing I have come across before, from log rings to hand holding bracelets to my old favourite, bows. These beauties fall in the “investment” catergory for me, but they are definitely worth it if you want a piece that will start a conversation no matter the outfit.


Storm Press Breakfast

Ok ok, another late one. A few weeks ago now the lovely girls at Chase PR held a fab breakfast for Storm watches. However, whilst the watches were as gorgeous as always, no new news there, it was the bags which really caught my eye. Huge oversized clutches in luxury leathers, big enough to fit everything you need in, carry around at work all day then take for drinks in the evening. There is some serious bag love going on here, they both might have just made it to the top of my Christmas list!

Storm Rose Gold Watches

[Insert standard bad blogger apology] I promise I’ll start posting more often soon, I just need to pick up some momentum, as for this post I have the time it takes to eat half a bowl of cous cous and an apple to write it (basically it might be a little short).

So, whilst sifting through my emails (seriously, fashion week is the fashion spammers dream) I came across something from Chase PR about Storm watches, which caught my eye. The main reason being that I have been a fan of Storm for a while, stylish, hardwearing and they tell you the time, what more do you need from a watch? The other reason being that, they are a girly twist on a masculine piece, more precisely traditional Storm watches but with Rose Gold. Adding a feminine touch to the chunkier styles makes them perfect to wear with the androgynous trend that’s planning to stick around.

Electrique Ladyland

Whilst looking for a navajo handbag (see last post), I also came across Eletrique Ladyland who make amazing headpieces as well as a range of other indian inspired accessories. Anybody who knows me has had to put up with me going on about navajo inspired headpieces for months now and these are my absolute faves!

Sabrina Tach

I’ve gone a little navajo obsessed recently, a few weeks ago I declared that I would spend the rest of summer dressed as a native indian, but unfortunately having a grown up job doesn’t allow for that. However, I can indulge in a fitting handbag, which is why I’m loving Sabrina Tach on Etsy. The Uruguayan fashion designer started making hangbags when she realised the quality of leather in her country, and carried on creating on trend pieces every season since.

This year there is a heavy emphasis on the navajo trend with tassles, fringing and handwoven designs. As well as the slouchy hobo classic the theme is incorporated into satchels and my new bag crush, backpacks. And of course the beaut of it being from Etsy is that you won’t bump into somebody with the same one (my worst nightmare where prints are involved!)

Motifs of Joy

New brand Motifs of Joy encapsulate the eccentric British style through a selection of headwear for the “experimental fashionista”. Their range of hats,turbans, scarves and bespoke pieces, featuring old style prints mixed with forward thinking designs will leave you standing out from the crowd in the best way possible.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


Accessories brand Oroton was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1938 where it first traded under the name Boyd Lane & Co. 70 years later they are still producing gorgeous pieces made from high quality fabrics, which blend contemporary elegance with understated luxury.

From sunglasses and make-up bags to notebooks and business card holders, Oroton have diversified into several lines over the years, which belong in every fashionista’s handbag. Tortoise shell, patent leather and metal hearts will make even the most high powered of women feel uber feminine.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Erica Weiner

Erica Weiner started making jewellery out of her New York apartment in 2005, using curiosities she had found on her travels over the years to create a line of gorgeous trinkets at an affordable price. The demand for her awe inspiring pieces soared locally, then nationally, and they are now coveted all over the globe, largely due to their uniqueness.

Whilst some pieces have similarities, such a bows, lockets and hearts featuring on a few designs, it seems that Erica just goes where her imagination takes her, which is definitely the secret to her enchanting jewellery. Whether it’s the elegant twig bracelet or the bold cocktail rings that catch your eye, the end product of this is always a charming trinket that you will treasure forever, wear everywhere and be asked about constantly.

Here are (quite) a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

For Sale, Part 2

Just a short post to say I have more items up for sale on eBay, go and check them out!! Also, I need to apologise for the serious lack of posts recently, my laptop decided to start deteriorating very quickly a few weeks ago, which means it takes a while to do anything, and almost impossible to do blog posts. However, do not dispare, I am getting a new one this week, so About your Dress will resume normal service soon. There is also another pile of clothes that will go up for sale soon too (when I get said laptop), so watch this space…

Friend of Mine

Australian label Friend of Mine, designed by Teale Talbot and managed by Letitia McLean, which debuted in 2009 caught my eye in a big way. With their inspiration coming from a cult Bob Dylan track, they deliver exactly what you expect, effortlessly cool style, basics with a twist and stand out accessories. The prints are gorgeous, the shapes are flattering and the styles are right on trend, as a fairly new brand they really have nailed this collection, make sure you check out their leopard print pieces, they really are stunning!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites: