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Boutique by Jaeger

Over the last few years, it has suddenly dawned on the fashion houses that not all young woman are dedicated to the high street, and even those (like my student self) who are not rolling in money are happy to splash out on a gorgeous piece of clothing. Jaeger, the luxury fashion brand who have been around for 126 years, are the latest to jump on board with their new younger, not so pricey, line Boutique by Jaeger. I can not give my opinion just yet as I have only seen a few press shots, but I can tell you that what I have seen to far has got me wanting to see more!


To celebrate, Jaeger are opening a pop up shop for the line at 10 Foubert’s Place, just off Carnaby Street, on Saturday 7th August. In addition to the entire Boutique by Jaeger line there will be a listening post from Rough Trade, highlights from the Jaeger London collection, a selection vintage brooches and a handpicked selection of contemporary brands including Les Nereides, Essi and Stenoflex. If you can not wait until then to see what is on offer, the online store goes live on Thursday 5th August!


Hannah Zakari

I love costume jewellery, and I’m always on the hunt for something a little different, so I was overjoyed when found quite a few new bits within Hannah Zakari, the one woman operation owned by Rachael Lamb. Her aim is to promote small independent brands, who handcraft their products with care and precision to bring you something new, as well as sell her own designs.

Whilst browsing the site I fell in love with the cluster necklaces, such as the Wizard of Oz and Keep Calm and Carry On pieces, as well as the super cute lovebirds on a branch and book necklaces. As well as jewellery she sells stationary, homewares, bags and accessories in a range of gorgeous prints and designs.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Kate Kanzier

I recently discovered London based footwear and accessories brand Kate Kanzier, which began in 2001, and their shoes are to die for! I am a bit of a fan of boys shoes; loafers, brogues etc, and this is exactly what they specialise in, with each style of shoe coming in a variety of designs and colours. Whether it’s classic black you like, a more shocking patent red or pastel cut-out patchwork, there will be something to suit your style. Also, although the shoes are new, they give off the unmistakable feel of good quality vintage, and at around £30 a pair it’d be rude not to get some!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Tatty Devine Mini Instore Festival

Love jewellery? Love Tatty Devine? Love discount? Love complimentary drinks? Love music? Love frocks? Love festivals? You should probably attend this, I think the flyer says it all!


Love Leluu

We all know that I am some what of a Carnaby Street fan, and one area in particular that I love is Kingly Court, filled full of amazing shops that stock unusual finds and gorgeous one off pieces. Unfortunately, with a whole host of large stores opening in Carnaby Street, Kingly Court has somewhat been over shadowed, lost between Henri Lloyd and Ben Sherman, which has seriously affected the small boutiques housed there.

One of my favourite Kingly Court boutique’s Love Leluu is closing down, and having a rather large sale in the process, with pieces down to £25!! Their range of gorgeously unique designs are not to be missed out on, and neither is their hand made jewellery, so I strongly advise you to pay them a visit before they close in September. Clothing, accessories, jewellery, shoes, gifts and tea, you’ll regret it if you don’t!

3:Eleven Boutique

In modern times, when an online shop is easier to set up than a saving account, you have to do something that really makes you stand out. Going online only a month ago, 3:Eleven Boutique, started off as a boutique based in Hale, Manchester, where they built up their niche; an amazing, diverse collection of labels, including Me & Zena, MiH, Wildfox and American Vintage to name a few.

They also have an eye for up and coming brands, including jewellery designer Katarina Louise, who they discovered at Camden Market, and luxury scarf brand Dominique Mosely. If you are lucky enough to be in the area, the shop is definitely worth a look, if not check out their website for some gorgeous brands that you’ve probably never heard of!

Loulou Loves You

It’s no secret that I love bows, to the point I have two (tastefully placed) bow tattoos, and sometimes it definitely is a case of bigger is better (for bows not tattoos), so I was delighted to find Loulou Loves You. What began as one girl’s personal love affair with lingerie, has now expanded into an amazing shop selling all sorts of gorgeous accessories, including hairpieces, collars, necklaces and of course bows.

The Loulou Loves You Bow Emporium features bow headbands, bow brooches and bow fascinators, as well as my personal favourite, the giant bow. I found this when I was trying to update an old dress, and it will be perfect! Measuring 9” across and costing £20, it will be great for clipping onto a plain waistline or on a shoulder of a one strap dress or to a plain clutch for an updated, dressier bag. So, I plan to make this the latest bow in my collection, just need to decide on a colour.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Mina UK

London based brand Mina UK started out in 2004 with a regular spot at Portabello Market, winning the hearts of fashion-loving shoppers, searching for that special something with a unique twist and a strong personality. Soon the market stall wasn’t enough, so they opened a showroom to exhibit the collections to buyers, who jumped at the chance to get the pretty pieces into their independent boutiques. This was followed by collaborations with Topshop, ASOS AND USC.

Mina UK’s clothing appeals to everyone from students to celebrities including Fearne Cotton, Daisy Lowe, Kylie Minogue and Kimberly Stewart. They pride themselves on immaculate attention to detail and statement prints that contrast beautifully with relaxed versatility, which makes their clothes perfect for every occasion. So, if you are looking for gorgeous, well made clothing at a reasonable price (really, who isn’t?), that you won’t find on the high street, I suggest you check them out!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


Brighton based boutique Lavender/Room, was started in 2003 by friends Nicky Sanderson and Jenny Atherton, as quickly became a “must-see” shop in Brighton. Selling gorgeous jewellery, bags and shoes, as well as beauty and home accessories, their products vary from being incredibly pretty to amazingly cool. So, if you’d love a three tier delicate leaf necklace, or a Grazia featured red patent leather Mac book case, you’re sure to find something. Also, their gift section is the perfect place to find something for the person who has everything on your budget, or just to buy yourself a gift on a budget!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Cath Kidston: Festival Fashion

I am a huge fan of Cath Kidston, the global lifestyle brand that every woman should own at least one thing from. Currently I own many of their little pieces like the iPhone cover, glasses case, oyster holder and mug to name a few, but my two biggest acquisitions have to be my tent, which has been going to festivals since 2006, and my carry all bag.

I went into the store the other day to find see what new items they have in, and it’s fair to say amongst their many gorgeous homewares, bags and accessories, there were some perfect festival pieces. If you weren’t lucky enough get your hands on a tent first time around, they have now brought out a lush Tepee tent, perfect for spotting in a sea of khaki when drunk! In addition to this they have brought out printed waterproof clogs, yup on trend shoes that will protect you from the sludge, but you can wear in the sunshine!

They also have a new selection of holdalls in a range of pretty prints, so you can still look glam whilst trying to find a big enough camping space, and smaller bags to keep on you all day. Finally they have lots of pretty camping accessories, like a cooler bag for your wine, rugs, sunhats and umbrellas (just in case). So, if you are spending the weekend in a field, a little bit of Cath Kidston will make you feel fabulous!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites: