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I guess this is goodbye…

I think this is it, I’m finally admitting defeat. When I started blogging it was largely because I was always playing with my then-boyfriend’s blog and he convinced me to do one of my own. This was when I was a student with a lot of spare time and feeling the need to do something productive with it. It’s definitely been incredibly fun, I’ve met some lovely people and it helped with other aspects of life too, but my heart just isn’t in it anymore.

Somewhere in the last year a lot changed and life got busier. I seem to have started every post for a while with something along the lines of “I know, I’ve been rubbish at blogging”, and I don’t take well to being bad at something. I prefer to give it my all. I’d love to stay blogging if I felt I had the time to do that, but I prefer putting my ever dwindling spare time into other projects at the moment. It’s actually taken a day off work for me to sit down and really write this.

I’ll carry on reading all of the blogs I love, still aware of the dedication that goes into every single post, and comment on the ones I do read just so my favourite bloggers are aware of how much I appreciate their writing. So let me know lots of new and old ones to check out please! I’m obviously still going to be ever-present on Twitter, and attempting to say on top on Tumblr. However, for now I think blogging is a commitment that I just can’t keep up.

I never really was any good at saying goodbye, but I think this is more like so long, for now.


New Years Resolutions

Since yesterday bypassed as a blur of sitting in bed with friends all day, watching films, eating rubbish, nursing hangovers and having a sing along to Adele on the BBC (how amazing was that?), I have decided that today is actually New Years day, and therefore it’s time for some resolutions.

Every year I have the same New Years resolution, usually revolving around eating better and exercising more, but 2011 provided a few pretty big changes in my life, so I thought 2012 should have new ones.

 1. Blogging

I’ll be the first to admit that blogging fell by the side in 2011, so much has been going on that I thought I couldn’t find the time, when I was probably just being a bit lazy. So, whilst I’m not exactly a lady of leisure I will put more effort into getting posts up more often. Also, when I look back, I feel that 90579786 uni projects definitely had some negative impact on my writing, soz, promise that I’ll never sound like I’m writing a report EVER AGAIN!

2. Cycling

Right now I have a helmet, tools and guides, just not an actual bike yet. I was given bike money for Christmas (thought people stopped getting bikes for Christmas at about the age of 8, didn’t you?), however I’m taking my time to find a really good one at a fair price, oh yes, how sensible of me! By the summer I’m hoping I’ll be Elle Macpherson that day I saw her cycling around Notting Hill, probably not.

3. Higher heels

Over the years my heel wearing ability has become something to be ashamed of, going from working a 9 hour shift at Harrods in 6 inches when I was feeling it, to working at Poste Mistress barely lasting the day in anything other than flats. During the summer a few pairs of platform sandals found their way into my wardrobe, and by winter both pairs of my everyday boots featured high chunky heels. Since I now have a “proper” job, and I spend a lot of the day sitting, I’m hoping 2012 will be the year that I can aim higher with my heels.

4. Hair

My hair is finally getting to a good length and thickness since the last time I thought it would be a brilliant idea to get a sophisticated bob, but I’ve slipped back into the old style of polka straight hair with a blunt cut fringe which I’ve had since my indie kid college days. Whilst visiting my mum over Christmas I mentioned how much I love Pasty’s hair in Ab Fab (not just her hair, the woman is my idol), and she managed to whip mine into a perfect beehive within a few minutes, making my final resolution to take full advantage of my growing hair, if anybody can recommend some gorgeous but not too difficult styles, please do!

Hopefully these are resolutions I can actually stick to, and I’ll go into 2013 as a ridiculously high heel wearing, dutch bike riding, blogger with ever changing hairstyles, or something along those lines. I can dream right?

What resolutions has everybody else made? Broken them yet?

I’m Back!!!!

Hello. Remember me? Yes, I am finally back. It has been a crazy few months, mainly spent in the library. Lots of changes, became another year older (eeek), now I’m just looking for a change of job, but isn’t every graduate? Lots of other things to do too, one major task is to eBay some of my wardrobe, so keep a look out for a post on that soon. Oh and I started a Tumblr, revision procrastination lead me to listening to lots of music and looking at random pictures, and I thought I’d make somewhere to share them, I’ve dedicated a blog page to it if you ever want to look.

Usual service shall be resuming shortly, I’ve still be looking at lots of brands and trends that I am desperate to share. Also, my shopping has been as consistent as ever, so I am contemplating doing outfit posts, maybe when I have a few gym sessions down! So, keep checking back, show some love, and bear with me whilst I sort my life out!

A Temporary Break

I guess this is a little bit of an apology for being such a bad blogger and a short explanation too. As regular followers will know I am a final year uni student and the work has finally piled up.  Unfortunately this has lead to me spending long hours in the library and not really having the time to blog. Rather than do half hearted posts I have decided to take a short break as my couple of posts a month effort isn’t great, but I will be returning shortly, giving you my full focus. In the mean time follow me on Twitter if you want updates of any new posts I do, or just keep checking back!

My Views on Polly Vernon’s Grazia Article

I don’t tend to write very opinionated posts because I’m not the sort of person who likes to cause controversy, therefore I just tend to write about what I like, maybe I should have called the blog Kim Likes? However, there is something that I really want to express my opinion on, and that’s Polly Vernon’s Grazia article “Has skinny really gone out of fashion?”.

I read it this afternoon after seeing some comments on how it is a bit Kenneth Tong-ish, and I couldn’t disagree more. After seeing me tweet about reading it, Polly asked what I thought and I said “Personally, I wouldn’t want to be a size 6, but I’d like to drop a size to a 10. But I didn’t think that you’re article was saying that everybody should be a size 6, it was just saying that many people do want to be skinny, but they deny it because they feel like it’s wrong to say it, which is fair enough” she said that is exactly how she hoped it would be read, she didn’t say “you don’t want to be a size 6, you disgust me”. Furthermore, I agree with her point.

I think her point is aimed at people like me. To put this into context I’m just short of 5’8”, have no idea what I weigh but I’m generally a size 12 in dresses, and a 14 in trousers as I do have a relatively big bum. I have almost always been a little heavier than I want to be and I do want to lose a few pounds, so I am a 10/12 rather than a 12/14, but I find it hard because I genuinely enjoy food. And yes, I think about my weight a lot, I’m not sure how often other girls do, but for me it’s at least 4/5 times a day. However, I find myself being careful about saying it mainly because a few times it has been met by “You look fine as you are, why do you want to look like one of those size 0 models?”, when that’s not what I said at all.

By saying I want to be a little skinnier I seem to be saying that waif-like models are goddesses, Kenneth Tong is right (he isn’t and I hugely disagree with his Twitter debacle), and anyone bigger than a size 10 is obese, I become shallow and image obsessed, even though I’m not saying any of those things. I think the reason we feel bad for wanting to be skinny is because magazines write “EMBRACE YOUR CURVES” and “SIZE 14 WALKS THE CATWALK” on one page, then put a 6ft size 0 model in gorgeous clothing on the next, and diet tips on the page after that, no wonder we’re confused.

I’m not saying that being skinny would make me happy and my life better, it’s just one of many aspects in life. I became rather skinny after being ill for a month once, and it’s not a good look for me, I put the weight back. However, wearing a sleeveless top with toned arms would give me a little smile when I passed a mirror on a summer day.

Readers, I Need Your Help!

As those of you who have read my “What is it About?” page will know, I am a final year Marketing student. Currently I am in the process of pursuing my dream job at Saatchi and Saatchi, through their graduate scheme. The application process requires applicants to do mini projects via briefs set on their Facebook Page, the first of which is to set up a new Twitter page and build a following with a creative idea. Of course, my first instinct was to do a Fashion twitter, but I already have one of those for the blog so I set about finding a new idea.

The point of Twitter is to keep it simple, as simple as 140 characters really, so I have set up OverheardUK. We have all overheard funny things and have been desperate to share them with somebody, but alas nobody has been there, so this gives you a place to share them with the whole wide (tweeting) world. All I’m asking is for you to follow and take part, so I can bring you hours of advertising entertainment in the future.

Many thanks and love as always,


Favourite Film Fashions

Over the festive season I watched many films, which got me thinking about my favourite fashionable films. Now I don’t just mean The Devil Wears Prada and Coco Before Chanel, as fab as they are, I was thinking about films in other genres which have amazing stylists. Dating back over the decades, many of these have been the inspiration for many of today’s designers. So without rambling too much, here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites.

Blow Up

Bonnie and Clyde

Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Factory Girl


Royal Tenunbaums

The Boat That Rocked

The Thomas Crown Affair

When Harry Met Sally

Merry Christmas

Firstly, I’m not sure how this post will turn out as I’m writing it from my phone, having decided not to take my laptop to Christmas. Therefore this will probably be my last post of 2010, just a quick one to say thank you.

So, thank you to everybody who has read, commented and followed About your Dress for the past year, your support has been much appreciated. I hope everybody has a fab Christmas and New Year, I’ll be back in 2011. If you want random updates before then, feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Much love,

Kim xx

Christmas Day Outfit

When it comes to the festive season there are many party outfits that we need to consider, as important as they are, it usually means another important outfit is overlooked… the Christmas day outfit.

Much has to be taken into consideration with the Christmas day outfit, firstly are you leaving the house for Christmas? Do you need to wrap up? Are sensible shoes a necessity? If this is the case then remember to layer up and wear nice socks. Are you travelling for Christmas? Make sure you plan your outfit in advance, as I have just done.

 Another important consideration is Christmas dinner, last year I wore a body con skirt and oversized Christmas jumper, it was rather comfy until I’d eaten, body con, nibbles and a three course meal do not bode well.

Finally, don’t forget about the camera. Gone are the days when photos of you mooching in your scruffs all Christmas day are confined to the family album, now you can pretty much guarantee that your mum/brother/cousin (insert appropriate) will have them on Facebook by the end of boxing day.

So after some thought, since I have to pack soon, I have decided on an ASOS Knitted 60’s Shift Dress, fleece lined black tights and black suede Billi Bi ankle boots to see me through the day.

Fashion women get but men don’t.

I feel that over the last few years, I have noticed that woman are dressing more in clothes that earn them admiring looks from woman rather than ogling looks from men, basically wearing fashion that men just don’t get. Where as we are thinking “this maxi is gorgeous”, men are thinking what the point? We think “that turned up skinny chino and clog combo is so cool”, they are thinking manly! As for “underwear as outerwear” well they probably think we couldn’t get dressed, whilst we think we look the picture of fashion forward. Personally, I very much admit that I would much rather catch another woman admiring my outfit, rather than a man admiring what my outfit isn’t hiding.

I love clogs and wedges and maxi’s and I LOVE my high waisted khaki chinos, which I do love to wear turned up with vintage floral print shoe boots. Luckily, my boyfriend is a fashion student/blogger/buyer, so he understands many of my sartorial choices (though he says he will NEVER like wedges), however most people I know are completely different. Every casual Friday I can guarantee somebody will say “What are you wearing?”, whether it’s a printed Alpha 60 tee tucked into a beige skater skirt, some form of double denim, or an African print 50’s style dress, but it makes me feel good so I don’t care. My brother even text me once, after reading one of my Grazia comments about somebody in turned up chino’s, brogues and a satchel, and said “No she isn’t (cool)”, obviously not a look men lust after.

If you’re reading this and nodding in recognition, congratulate yourself, are also probably looking a lot more stylish than most people on the street, and feeling a lot more confident too!!

Just had to get that out.