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GALA Curios

GALA Curios is the name of the gorgeous jewellery created by Sydney based designer Jasmine O’Loughlin. The idea behind each collection comes from a theme inspired by nature, curiosities and the human connection to memories and objects. By combining her talent with unique ideas, the outcome of Jasmine’s designs are like nothing I have come across before, from log rings to hand holding bracelets to my old favourite, bows. These beauties fall in the “investment” catergory for me, but they are definitely worth it if you want a piece that will start a conversation no matter the outfit.


Storm Press Breakfast

Ok ok, another late one. A few weeks ago now the lovely girls at Chase PR held a fab breakfast for Storm watches. However, whilst the watches were as gorgeous as always, no new news there, it was the bags which really caught my eye. Huge oversized clutches in luxury leathers, big enough to fit everything you need in, carry around at work all day then take for drinks in the evening. There is some serious bag love going on here, they both might have just made it to the top of my Christmas list!

Brighton Pod

Brighton Pod
pride themselves on promoting original design, and whilst their main focus is on homewear, they  also have some gorgeous jewellery. Featuring a range of upcoming designers such as Maggie Angus, Hoolala and Dragana Perisic, Brighton Pod showcase unique designs from the next big things. With pieces including vintage charms, sculptured silver and bright plastic, there are styles to suit every taste and budget.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Grays Antique Market

Living in London it is easy to walk past something a lot and never really notice it, until a nice man at Ernest Jones tells you about it when you are looking to get your bracelet fixed. Ok it doesn’t always happen like that but that’s how I found out about Grays Antique Market. I’m sure there are hundreds of amazing antiques, but it’s the jewellery that really caught my eye. Gorgeous costume jewellery every few metres, huge stones, exquisite designs and delicate craftsmanship feature throughout this beautiful indoor market.

I was going to put a bunch of photos on from the website, however I don’t think any of them really do the two storey palace justice. So, I urge you to pop down to 58 Davies Street, next to Bond Street station, armed with a bit of cash and a lot of will power!


Accessories brand Oroton was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1938 where it first traded under the name Boyd Lane & Co. 70 years later they are still producing gorgeous pieces made from high quality fabrics, which blend contemporary elegance with understated luxury.

From sunglasses and make-up bags to notebooks and business card holders, Oroton have diversified into several lines over the years, which belong in every fashionista’s handbag. Tortoise shell, patent leather and metal hearts will make even the most high powered of women feel uber feminine.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Erica Weiner

Erica Weiner started making jewellery out of her New York apartment in 2005, using curiosities she had found on her travels over the years to create a line of gorgeous trinkets at an affordable price. The demand for her awe inspiring pieces soared locally, then nationally, and they are now coveted all over the globe, largely due to their uniqueness.

Whilst some pieces have similarities, such a bows, lockets and hearts featuring on a few designs, it seems that Erica just goes where her imagination takes her, which is definitely the secret to her enchanting jewellery. Whether it’s the elegant twig bracelet or the bold cocktail rings that catch your eye, the end product of this is always a charming trinket that you will treasure forever, wear everywhere and be asked about constantly.

Here are (quite) a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Laura Lee Jewellery

As much as I love costume jewellery, there is nothing like a piece that you can keep forever, which is exactly what Laura Lee Jewellery is all about. Her jewellery is casual but luxurious, simple enough to be worn everyday, and special enough to treasure for a life time. Her inspiration comes from all areas, but much of it comes from one piece of jewellery, her mothers charm bracelet which was overflowing with momento’s from all over the world.

The pieces that she crafts today are all handmade in her London studio, using only precious metals and gems. She enjoys working with coins, creating many pieces which feature them, along with classic pendants such as lockets and anchors, and more unusual charms including a pineapple and a palm tree. As well as chains and pendants, she also has a stunning selection of rings including beautifully engraved bands with phrases including “I shall return to my English Rose” and “Wish upon a star”.

 Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:




It is rare for me to blog about a brand that have products so far out of my price range that I could only dream of owning them right now, but some people just produce such beautiful pieces that I have to say something about them. This is exactly why I’m writing about Bijules, the amazing New York based jewellery brand created by Jules Kim.

Her designs are hauntingly beautiful, with bones and skulls featuring heavily. Skulls are made of solid precious metals, some with precious stones, which glisten so much you almost forget that they are encrusted into eye sockets. Rows of tiny gold bones are also joined together to make dainty pieces such as bracelets, head pieces and earrings, which are absolutely stunning. And that is only one collection.

Jules Kim has “the ability to create objects that mirror the beautiful and chaotic world we inhabit: with all its humor, tragedy, ambivalence, love and hate”, which is evident in her work. So, although I may not be able to own most of her jewellery just yet, I could probably save for a ring within a few months!

Talullah Tu

Costume jewellery is amazing, but costume jewellery in the style of designer brands is even better, because let’s face it not all of us can afford £250 for a necklace that is only going to be in for one season. This is the reason I am loving Talullah Tu, the accessories website that takes the best of the runway and recreates it at high street price. So, if you have seen a fabulous piece of jewellery that is way out of your price range I suggest you try Tallulah Tu before you give up hope. Also, if you fancy a little pre pay day pick me up, their sale is now on with pieces from £3!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Hannah Zakari

I love costume jewellery, and I’m always on the hunt for something a little different, so I was overjoyed when found quite a few new bits within Hannah Zakari, the one woman operation owned by Rachael Lamb. Her aim is to promote small independent brands, who handcraft their products with care and precision to bring you something new, as well as sell her own designs.

Whilst browsing the site I fell in love with the cluster necklaces, such as the Wizard of Oz and Keep Calm and Carry On pieces, as well as the super cute lovebirds on a branch and book necklaces. As well as jewellery she sells stationary, homewares, bags and accessories in a range of gorgeous prints and designs.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites: