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Stolen Girlfriends Club Go Online

I’ve said it 50 billion times, but I have loved Stolen Girlfriends Club for a long time now. Unfortunately access to their clothes has been purely down to how the buyers of UK boutiques and online retailers are feeling that season. But finally, THEY ARE GOING ONLINE and shipping to the UK, so get Friday 4th November in your calender kids! Starting with a large range of their current collection “The Big Comedown Collection” with future seasons to follow, be prepared to start filling your wardrobe with some gosh damn beautiful clothes that aren’t going to be easy to find else where.


Regal Rose

On Friday I had another I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR moment, which was recused by my amazing accessories chest. Don’t underestimate what two belts, a scarf made into a bow and a roll of the sleeves can do to an old dress!

Recently, my accessories box was topped up by Regal Rose, a fab brand I first came across on Etsy. Whilst I love their jewellery (the double cross ring was the start of my order), their outfit changing accessories really set them apart. With my current navajo obsession I had to get the feather shoulder clips, perfect for updating some of my barely worn summer pieces.

With a selection of gorgeous arm and ear cuffs, to make a change from earrings and bracelets, and unique pieces including hand and body harnesses, I will definitely be investing in more pieces soon.

Brighton Pod

Brighton Pod
pride themselves on promoting original design, and whilst their main focus is on homewear, they  also have some gorgeous jewellery. Featuring a range of upcoming designers such as Maggie Angus, Hoolala and Dragana Perisic, Brighton Pod showcase unique designs from the next big things. With pieces including vintage charms, sculptured silver and bright plastic, there are styles to suit every taste and budget.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

I went a bit eBay crazy again…

I planned to clear my wardrobe as soon as my exams were over, however the celebrations went on a little longer than I expected, but I finally got around to it this weekend! I’ve put 40 items up, some have never been worn, many have only been worn once or a few times. Most of them are high street brands (can’t bring myself to part with designer at the moment) including Topshop, H&M, River Island, American Apperal and ASOS, and there are a few pieces of vintage. Also, everything except one item starts at 99p, so they are definitely worth a look! You can view all of the items here.

Here are a few of them…

Friends of Couture

If it’s one look I love it’s old Hollywood glamour, not something you can usually wear from day to day, but spectacular none the less. However, recently I was told to check out Friends of Couture, an Australian brand that, with their S/S10 collection, has given Old Hollywood an everyday twist. Whether you are a young ingénue or a femme fatale there is something to suit your style, floral tops and polka dot frocks are mixed with sculpted cocktail dresses and hot red knits to cover everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Grace Kelly. The best thing about the collection is that even though it is designed for the Aussie summer, most of the pieces can be styled into the English autumn for that “Oh, I look fabulous? But I just threw it on” look.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Zara and H&M are Going Online!

If you’re thinking European High Street clothing giants two instantly spring to mind, H&M and Zara, but this isn’t their only similarity, the second being that neither of them have an online store… yet! Yes, whilst the likes of Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Next and French Connection, to name a few, have been long fulfilling our need to buy lunchtime pick-me-ups or that last minute outfit for an impromptu night out, H&M and Zara have held back.

However, Zara, who already have an online homewares store, will be launching their clothing range online on September 2nd. H&M, who currently have no UK online operation, will open their online store two weeks after, on the 16th September. As well as their womens, mens and childrens ranges, they will be selling their new range of homewares too. With both of the stores launching just as you have mentally finalised your A/W10 key pieces, its perfect timing, and if you order more than you can fit into your current wardrobe, well you can just buy another one!

Talullah Tu

Costume jewellery is amazing, but costume jewellery in the style of designer brands is even better, because let’s face it not all of us can afford £250 for a necklace that is only going to be in for one season. This is the reason I am loving Talullah Tu, the accessories website that takes the best of the runway and recreates it at high street price. So, if you have seen a fabulous piece of jewellery that is way out of your price range I suggest you try Tallulah Tu before you give up hope. Also, if you fancy a little pre pay day pick me up, their sale is now on with pieces from £3!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Lottie Loves & Frocking Fabulous

So this somewhat of a double post, firstly to add the latest new comer to Best of the Blogs, domestic diva, red obsessive, vintage enthusiast, 1940’s loving and general all round fabulous lady, Lottie Loves. I have been following Lottie on Twitter and reading her blog for a while now, and she does not disappoint, especially since she has made Friday an even better day than it already is, with Think Frock it’s Friday. Whilst I embrace dresses on a daily basis, I too find it shocking how many people don’t, which is why I love that Lottie created this day, encouraging woman to wear dresses at least one day a week to make them feel oh so more fabulous!

This brings my swiftly onto part two of this post, the amazing vintage site I discovered today, Frocking Fabulous, the perfect place to find a Think Frock It’s Friday dress. They sell a range of gorgeous vintage dresses, day, night, mini, maxi, there will be something you’ll love, as they pick their pieces carefully, ensuring everything they sell is bang on trend for this season. If getting a good quality, one off, vintage piece is not enough, it will also be an absolute steal, as most of their dresses are half the price of what you would pay in your average vintage store.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Fin Oslo for Asos

You may remember back in April I blogged about a Scandinavian based brand called Fin, whose clothing I had fallen in love with, but alas it was not yet available in the UK. Well, it seems like somebody heard my prayers, as I found out yesterday that they have designed a collection exclusively for ASOS. The 10 piece collection features their signature casual tailoring style in a basic grey scaled colour palette, with a little purple thrown in, and is available to buy here.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Love Miss Daisy

By the time I was old enough to appreciate vintage it was already easily accessible, as I walked past a lot of Nottingham’s vintage stores on a daily basis. Moving to London obviously made it even easier with markets and jumbles sales added to tempt me, therefore I have never really used online vintage stores, except the odd piece from eBay.

However, I came across Love Miss Daisy via Twitter, when they advised me on a dress for a black tie event, and I found it was a whole new vintage shopping experience. With everything categorized by era and garment, then sub-sectioned, it is so much easier to find what you are after rather than rummaging though racks of clothes, getting catty with other vintage hunters, which is a regular occurrence on weekends in Brick Lane.

Of course, the shopping experience is only part of it, Love Miss Daisy’s merchandise is amazing too, with a mixture of clothing, shoes, accessories and homeware from over 5 decades, a special section for garments that have inspired the current season and pieces that have travelled thousands of miles to get there, you can be sure to find something you love. In addition to this, prices are fairer compared to certain places in London, where you seem to be paying for the rent in that postcode, and because the garments haven’t been tried on and tossed aside by many shoppers before you, the quality is incredible too!