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Best of the Blogs: Domestic Sluttery

I pride myself on a beautiful home (by that I mean one-bed flat in South East London), but find with work, social commitments and other engagements I don’t have much time to dedicate to being domestic. If you are nodding your head in agreement, then you should check out my lastest Best of the Blogs edition Domestic Sluttery, the home and lifestyle blog for women who have better things to do.

Written by a group of woman from different professions, passions and in one case country, who cook, decorate and design (usually with a glass of wine in their hand), they can show you how to make your home gorgeous without having to give up your life. As well as food, drink and design, they also cover health and beauty, to make sure you’re looking as fabulous as your home!


How to Walk in High Heels

Ok, so this isn’t a new book, but I have found myself referring to it a lot recently. A year or so ago I bought How to Walk in High Heels: The Girl’s Guide to Everything by Camilla Morton, and have used it many times since, although I had mastered walking in high heels long before I bought it. The book covers tips on everything from packing correctly to understanding politics and working on two hours sleep to complaining with class, along with all the style and beauty tips you would expect.

Along with Camilla’s own guide, you will find snippets from many of her fabulous friends including How to pick the perfect shoe by Manolo Blahnik, How to appreciate art and where to start by Vivienne Westwood and How to compile your own soundtrack by Jade Jagger. If you are a girl, who wants to be socially adept, wants to tackle your technophobia or just wants to learn to walk in high heels, I highly recommend you get this book!

Bloomsberry and Co.

Easter is upon us, and it is finally acceptable to gorge on chocolate for 4 days. Although, rather than giving your average Cadburys 2 for £5 Easter egg, or paying a silly amount to have a name written on at Thorntons, About your Dress recommends giving something with a little thought in the form of Bloomsberry & Co’s designer chocolate bars.

Bloomsbury & Co started out in New Zealand, but their chocolate soon found its way around the world in the form of gifts, and after much emailing for chocolate fans, into stores around the UK. So whether you want Bochox, need to Dechox, are giving Mother a Little Helper or Devouring It Yourself, you are sure to find the perfect Easter treat.

Here are a few of About your Dress favourites: