Grazia Scrapbook

About your Dress is a huge fan of Grazia magazine, and even more so of Grazia Daily. There really is no better way to procrastinate than giving opinions on the outfits of various celebrities and members of the general public, along with reading all of their interesting articles. Since I discovered Grazia Daily a few months ago, I have had my comments printed in the magazine several times, and decided to put them on here, so happy reading!

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‘Nude is perfect for summer, but the layers are warm enough for our climate. And the parka is bang on trend’


“The bright print is daring with the mix of nudes, but it really works.”


‘So many colours could ruin an outfit, but Maria pulls it off by going for block colours instead of prints’


‘I love the little touches like the gorgeous boots and hoodie/jacket hybrid.”


‘I love cobalt blue but steer clear as it can cheapen an outfit, but fabulous Camen proves otherwise.”


‘I love the proportions of the loose trousers with the tailored jacket.’


‘Dressing down the jacket with black skinnies and boots makes sure that it isn’t wearing her.’


‘She’s really nailed the new trouser trend, Baggy coat and sleek shoes compliment them perfectly!’


‘LOVE those printed harems! The clashing top works perfectly and the black stops it looking too OTT, Amazing.’


‘I love the colours she uses to break up the black, and the mixture of shapes. The bag is WOW and the jacket is too amazing for words!’


‘Very Alice in Wonderland, I really like it. I even think her bare legs work, since she hasn’t tried to make it look like she has spent the laast 6 months sunbathing!’


‘The coat is gorgeous, and she has just the right accessories – love how she stops it looking too serious with a cute bag.’


‘It’s amazing, every pieces screams little geeky boy, but she just looks incredibly cool and feminine!’


‘I love how she has used patterned tights to brighten up the black – it gives a serious outfit a cute edge.’


“Perfect winter outfit. Detailed swing coat, OTK boots and a massive colourful scarf, It looks effortless!”


‘The outfit is ‘lovely’, very Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. However, a Calvin Klein underwear model shouldn’t be drssing like a politician’s wife!’

‘I love this outfit so much I don’t know where to start. The cape is the perfect cover-up for the weather, and the hat it just the cherry on top of a very stylish cake!”


‘I love the outfit. It’s gorgeous but not overdone. I love the fact she can ride a bike in it, too!’


‘The cut of that dress is amazing, and the shoulder pads are bang on trend, LOVE IT!”


“The dress is daring and she pulls it off well, but she should have left the tassels off the shoes and opted for a simpler bag.”

‘A great lesson in how to wear OTKs during the day.’


2 responses to “Grazia Scrapbook

  1. Overall the remarks show this writer clearly has taste.Love the politicians wife comment and the reference to Kellys legs!

  2. Good article! I will make use of it when I plan my wedding (which is in June next year!)

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