SGC N-Y-C Fall 2011

Ooops sorry, I forgot to post this when I first got it, another quick one as I’m off for a much needed drink. Just check out this video from SGC N-Y-C. If you’re eager to work the texture trend, partial to a bit of leather and have a panache for looking a little grungy then you might want to hide your credit card.


Best of the Blogs: Le Blow

I know that my blog posting has been an absolute shambles recently, but I’m still managing to read the best of the blogs. One I can’t get enough of is fashion and lifestyle site, Le Blow, written by a “collective of witty women-in-the-know”.

Their unique style and opinions make the basics like fashion, music and relationships a far better read than your standard glossy mag, since these ladies have nothing holding them back. This said, what I really frickin’ love about Le Blow are the inspired features such as WTF?, Stereotyped and How to… written using their own experiences and vices, they say what you’re thinking and tell you things you never knew you needed to know.

Storm Rose Gold Watches

[Insert standard bad blogger apology] I promise I’ll start posting more often soon, I just need to pick up some momentum, as for this post I have the time it takes to eat half a bowl of cous cous and an apple to write it (basically it might be a little short).

So, whilst sifting through my emails (seriously, fashion week is the fashion spammers dream) I came across something from Chase PR about Storm watches, which caught my eye. The main reason being that I have been a fan of Storm for a while, stylish, hardwearing and they tell you the time, what more do you need from a watch? The other reason being that, they are a girly twist on a masculine piece, more precisely traditional Storm watches but with Rose Gold. Adding a feminine touch to the chunkier styles makes them perfect to wear with the androgynous trend that’s planning to stick around.

Corinne Day – The Face

Another amazing fashion photography exhibition is in town, and it is perfect for losing yourself in on a wet September afternoon. Gimpel Fils are showcasing Corinne Day THE FACE, a collection of photos the self-taught photographer took for the boundary breaking magazine in 1991. The focal point of the exhibition is one of Day’s most famous sitters, Kate Moss, in what are some of her most iconic images to date.

Corinne Day THE FACE is being exhibited at Gimpel Fils from 1st September – 1st October 2011.

Regal Rose

On Friday I had another I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR moment, which was recused by my amazing accessories chest. Don’t underestimate what two belts, a scarf made into a bow and a roll of the sleeves can do to an old dress!

Recently, my accessories box was topped up by Regal Rose, a fab brand I first came across on Etsy. Whilst I love their jewellery (the double cross ring was the start of my order), their outfit changing accessories really set them apart. With my current navajo obsession I had to get the feather shoulder clips, perfect for updating some of my barely worn summer pieces.

With a selection of gorgeous arm and ear cuffs, to make a change from earrings and bracelets, and unique pieces including hand and body harnesses, I will definitely be investing in more pieces soon.

Lanvin AW11/12 Campaign

I don’t think I have to explain the genius of this advert. Kudos to Lanvin for creating easily the best ad campaign we’re going to see all season.


I’ve always had a little bit of a soft spot for gothic fashion, never the whole look but I love pulling the odd piece into another look. CMRTYZ are a design duo who create a mish mash of art, music and clothes which are usually aimed at men. However, they have also produced a fab selection of stylishly ripped dressed and tops for women that would look fab thrown over tshirts or maxi’s for that Dior inspired look.

Electrique Ladyland

Whilst looking for a navajo handbag (see last post), I also came across Eletrique Ladyland who make amazing headpieces as well as a range of other indian inspired accessories. Anybody who knows me has had to put up with me going on about navajo inspired headpieces for months now and these are my absolute faves!

Sabrina Tach

I’ve gone a little navajo obsessed recently, a few weeks ago I declared that I would spend the rest of summer dressed as a native indian, but unfortunately having a grown up job doesn’t allow for that. However, I can indulge in a fitting handbag, which is why I’m loving Sabrina Tach on Etsy. The Uruguayan fashion designer started making hangbags when she realised the quality of leather in her country, and carried on creating on trend pieces every season since.

This year there is a heavy emphasis on the navajo trend with tassles, fringing and handwoven designs. As well as the slouchy hobo classic the theme is incorporated into satchels and my new bag crush, backpacks. And of course the beaut of it being from Etsy is that you won’t bump into somebody with the same one (my worst nightmare where prints are involved!)

Neurotica AW11

Neurotica‘s new AW11 collection follows their “dressed up, dressed down” mantra perfectly. With new prints and a monochrome colour palette its a little tougher than their SS11 offering but gorgeous and fun all the same. I mean, a hood with cat ears? Who can say no to that!