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Ladylike Courts

Oh wowz, I appear to have come over all ladylike. Ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but I’ve recently found my footwear interests turning to sensible height court shoes, as opposed to either flat loafers or skyscraper heels. I think it goes back to last weekend, when a mix of A LOT of cheap alcohol, an inviting looking stage and standard 6 inch platforms saw me nearly break my ankle several times in one night. This made me forgo mahoooosive heels for my graduation two days later in favour of 3 inch black courts, for fear of falling on my face on stage.

I have since dug out the courts I have purchased over the past year, and to be honest haven’t worn, to try and mix in with my AW wardrobe. Yes, they do look pretty cute paired with a fur coat and wool tights. Yes, they do make high waisted skinny jeans dressier when I’m going out from work. And yes, the chances of breaking my neck/ankle/dignity are significantly lowered. BUT, they’re really not that comfortable, the lack of cushioning and pointy toes manage to kill my feet off by the end of the day, which is  the main reason I avoided them in the past, and they don’t do any particlar wonders for the derriere either.

Will I still wear them despite the pain? Whilst I’m going through this little ladylike shoe phase, yes. Here are a few high street pairs I’ve been eyeing up…

Dotty Bow Court Topshop £60

Green Triangle Heel Court New Look £25

Dries Van Noten Look-a-likes-at-less-than-half-the-price Kurt Geiger £120

Plain Purple Suede Court Office £58

Black Glittery Court Dorothy Perkins £32


SGC N-Y-C Fall 2011

Ooops sorry, I forgot to post this when I first got it, another quick one as I’m off for a much needed drink. Just check out this video from SGC N-Y-C. If you’re eager to work the texture trend, partial to a bit of leather and have a panache for looking a little grungy then you might want to hide your credit card.

Lanvin AW11/12 Campaign

I don’t think I have to explain the genius of this advert. Kudos to Lanvin for creating easily the best ad campaign we’re going to see all season.


I’ve always had a little bit of a soft spot for gothic fashion, never the whole look but I love pulling the odd piece into another look. CMRTYZ are a design duo who create a mish mash of art, music and clothes which are usually aimed at men. However, they have also produced a fab selection of stylishly ripped dressed and tops for women that would look fab thrown over tshirts or maxi’s for that Dior inspired look.

Fashion East AW11

As you may have noticed I kind of like my new designers, which I why I always look forward to the Fashion East show, from the organisation which offers support and a platform for new designers. This year saw James Long, Simone Rocha and Elliot Atkinson take to the runway with their innovative AW11 designs. Sheer, fur, feathers, crochet and leather were just some of the focal points of the collections, with each designer exhibiting exactly why they deserve this amazing opportunity. In a few years I fully expect these three exceptional designers to become fashion household names, as they follow the footsteps of Fashion Week regulars Henry Holland, Holly Fulton and Gareth Pugh.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

 James Long

Simone Rocha

 Elliot Atkinson

Pictures from Style.com

Jaeger AW11

Another collection that I am a little bit in love with from London Fashion Week is Jaeger’s AW11 offering. A main focus was BIG collars and bright colours, something that I think they pulled off very well. Burnt orange and mustard seemed to be popular whilst their more subtle coloured pieces used fur and shearling to draw attention.

Stylish is definitely the one word I would use to describe Jaeger’s collection, with incredible tailoring evident in the cut of their trousers, a garment that I don’t usually wear, or pay much attention to. However, whilst this is a fabulous collection and I don’t want to take attention away from that, one thing I really want to know is who designed the footwear? The boots were quite simply amazing.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


Picture from Style.com

House of Holland AW11

Ever since I got my first Fashion Groupie tee at the age of 17 I have been a fan of Henry Holland’s fun designs, and I intend to fully embrace it before I get too old for them. I’m sure you’ve heard all about the collection, Bingo Balls, YES! Candy Stripe socks to be worn with my platform sandles and, pardon me for saying, a slight Big Fat Gypsy Wedding theme (Giant gold earrings and a croydon facelift anyone?) mixed with Grandma chic. But hey, it’s House of Holland, they make it work! So, without further ado, here is the video…

J.W. Anderson AW11

I love paisley, I love good tailoring, I love a bit of colour and I love subtle twists like lots of feathers and contrast sleeves. Can you see where I am going with this? I love J.W. Anderson. My admiration started with their menswear before they created their gorgeous first Womenswear collection, and I have been anxious to see what they would do for their AW11 collection. It’s fair to say I’m impressed, it’s different but wearable. The clothes are a little more grown up, but then again so is the brand, which is why they will be around for years to come.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Pictures from Style.com

Victoria Beckham AW11

When I was younger I loved Victoria Beckham, being the right age to fully embrace the Spice Girls era. Then that all ended and I grew thinking that she was just living off the status of her footballer husband, another WAG basically. A few years after that I was proved massively wrong, and I admit it, her first dress collection had me in awe, elegant but fun and styled to perfection.

Cut to her AW11 collection and I still think the same, fabulous tailoring and bright colours feature on her classic designs, as well as draping and structure to add that unique twist, keeping it on trend with winter maxi’s. If I had the money the Rounded Shoulder Raglan Coat would definitely be my winter staple, so it’s fair to say that I once again believe in VB and it is quite obvious that she has finally found her calling in making beautiful dresses.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites: