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Storm Press Breakfast

Ok ok, another late one. A few weeks ago now the lovely girls at Chase PR held a fab breakfast for Storm watches. However, whilst the watches were as gorgeous as always, no new news there, it was the bags which really caught my eye. Huge oversized clutches in luxury leathers, big enough to fit everything you need in, carry around at work all day then take for drinks in the evening. There is some serious bag love going on here, they both might have just made it to the top of my Christmas list!


Sabrina Tach

I’ve gone a little navajo obsessed recently, a few weeks ago I declared that I would spend the rest of summer dressed as a native indian, but unfortunately having a grown up job doesn’t allow for that. However, I can indulge in a fitting handbag, which is why I’m loving Sabrina Tach on Etsy. The Uruguayan fashion designer started making hangbags when she realised the quality of leather in her country, and carried on creating on trend pieces every season since.

This year there is a heavy emphasis on the navajo trend with tassles, fringing and handwoven designs. As well as the slouchy hobo classic the theme is incorporated into satchels and my new bag crush, backpacks. And of course the beaut of it being from Etsy is that you won’t bump into somebody with the same one (my worst nightmare where prints are involved!)

Hannah Zakari

I love costume jewellery, and I’m always on the hunt for something a little different, so I was overjoyed when found quite a few new bits within Hannah Zakari, the one woman operation owned by Rachael Lamb. Her aim is to promote small independent brands, who handcraft their products with care and precision to bring you something new, as well as sell her own designs.

Whilst browsing the site I fell in love with the cluster necklaces, such as the Wizard of Oz and Keep Calm and Carry On pieces, as well as the super cute lovebirds on a branch and book necklaces. As well as jewellery she sells stationary, homewares, bags and accessories in a range of gorgeous prints and designs.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Cath Kidston: Festival Fashion

I am a huge fan of Cath Kidston, the global lifestyle brand that every woman should own at least one thing from. Currently I own many of their little pieces like the iPhone cover, glasses case, oyster holder and mug to name a few, but my two biggest acquisitions have to be my tent, which has been going to festivals since 2006, and my carry all bag.

I went into the store the other day to find see what new items they have in, and it’s fair to say amongst their many gorgeous homewares, bags and accessories, there were some perfect festival pieces. If you weren’t lucky enough get your hands on a tent first time around, they have now brought out a lush Tepee tent, perfect for spotting in a sea of khaki when drunk! In addition to this they have brought out printed waterproof clogs, yup on trend shoes that will protect you from the sludge, but you can wear in the sunshine!

They also have a new selection of holdalls in a range of pretty prints, so you can still look glam whilst trying to find a big enough camping space, and smaller bags to keep on you all day. Finally they have lots of pretty camping accessories, like a cooler bag for your wine, rugs, sunhats and umbrellas (just in case). So, if you are spending the weekend in a field, a little bit of Cath Kidston will make you feel fabulous!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

The Cambridge Satchel Company


Recently, About your Dress has been loving the school boy look; brogues, visible socks, duffle coat and my old trusty satchel, but it’s impossible to walk 5 minutes down any street in the E1 postcode without seeing somebody wearing it! So, whilst I love the satchels I own at the moment, I have been looking for one with a bit of a twist, and stumbled across The Cambridge Satchel Company.

The company, and satchels, were first created when Julie Deane was tired of her children’s school bags coming back grubby and worn in no time at all. However, it wasn’t long before the trend setters, students and vintage lovers alike were coveting them. The Cambridge Satchel Company creates satchels, batchels and music bags which are all classic designs and made from leather. The reason they stand out from the rest, and have been featured in Italian Vogue, is that they come in a range of such funky colours, that you will want one of each.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites: