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Liberty X Barbour

Again, apologies for the lack of posting, things are just go go go at the moment. With two weeks off between jobs I thought I’d get lots of these half finished posts up, but alas, I’m now frantically looking for somewhere to live and trying to pack up my ridiculous amount of belongings. Oh, and I put a few bits on eBay. So…

As far as wardrobe staples go, I’ll let you into a secret, I’m not very loyal. There are only a few things I own which are more than a few seasons old, and my sartorial choices are often trend led rather than classics, although I intend to embrace them when I’m older. However, there is one piece that saves my outfit on a regular basis, my Barbour.

Lightweight, waterproof and on trend, it is the perfect coat for a British summer, and yes, a classic. However, the mecca of giving classics a girly twist, Liberty, have gone and done it again. With pretty floral prints lining the Beadnell and Sapper it will actually be possible to look summery and dry at the same time without reducing yourself to wearing plastic. In the name of research (and err, because I’m buying one) I tried a few on, and fell in love with British heritage all over again. Just make sure you turn up the sleeves for that extra touch!