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Mother Knows Best… Uniqlo HeatTech

Growing up my mum always told me that no matter how nice your clothes are, you’ll always look stupid if you’re not dressed appropriately for the weather. During my teens I naturally ignored this, however now I’ve started gliding through my 20’s I’ve put my adolescent stubbornness behind and accepted that pneumonia isn’t just a parental threat. Therefore in the words of Connie Francis “I’m gonna be warm this winter”, but I plan to stay stylish at the same. Bringing me onto the point of this post, Uniqlo HeatTech, yes it’s been around for a while, but I feel I need to since it’s praises!

Now whilst I am somewhat a fan of layering, sometimes I just don’t have the time in the morning to make sure I’m not rocking the Joey look,  especially when it’s twice as hard to get out of bed.

Sometimes all you want to wear is a simple dress and thick tights and still be warm. That’s where Uniqlo HeatTech helps, with their ultra light weight garments that absorb body moisture and turn it into heat, crazy huh? As well as tops, leggings and shorts there are also a variety of accessories, in plain colours and fun prints. Personally I tend to wear them under my usual outfits, however some cute Fair Isle prints have recently been produced that might have me making my thermals a fashion statement.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites: