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Ladylike Courts

Oh wowz, I appear to have come over all ladylike. Ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but I’ve recently found my footwear interests turning to sensible height court shoes, as opposed to either flat loafers or skyscraper heels. I think it goes back to last weekend, when a mix of A LOT of cheap alcohol, an inviting looking stage and standard 6 inch platforms saw me nearly break my ankle several times in one night. This made me forgo mahoooosive heels for my graduation two days later in favour of 3 inch black courts, for fear of falling on my face on stage.

I have since dug out the courts I have purchased over the past year, and to be honest haven’t worn, to try and mix in with my AW wardrobe. Yes, they do look pretty cute paired with a fur coat and wool tights. Yes, they do make high waisted skinny jeans dressier when I’m going out from work. And yes, the chances of breaking my neck/ankle/dignity are significantly lowered. BUT, they’re really not that comfortable, the lack of cushioning and pointy toes manage to kill my feet off by the end of the day, which is  the main reason I avoided them in the past, and they don’t do any particlar wonders for the derriere either.

Will I still wear them despite the pain? Whilst I’m going through this little ladylike shoe phase, yes. Here are a few high street pairs I’ve been eyeing up…

Dotty Bow Court Topshop £60

Green Triangle Heel Court New Look £25

Dries Van Noten Look-a-likes-at-less-than-half-the-price Kurt Geiger £120

Plain Purple Suede Court Office £58

Black Glittery Court Dorothy Perkins £32



You maybe remember back in February I did a post on Kurt Geiger Clogs, as they were first to market with semi-affordable offerings. However, due to the majority of my family being born between February and April I have yet to buy a pair, and it may have been worth the wait, and not because I have suddenly gone off them.

Whilst shopping this weekend, I couldn’t go into a shop without seeing a variation of the now much coveted clog, with these variations gathering much admiration, considering they are quite the Marmite trend of the season, but then again I love Marmite too. So to cut a long post short, if like me you really want some clogs, but have been troubled by the price tag, try a few of these. Ok, the first ones aren’t exactly cheap, but they are my new favourites!


Kurt Geiger, £130



Zara, £59.99

Asos, £85.00

Asos, £85

Next, £40

Topshop, £58

LIA 2 Part Clog Sandals

Mango, £55

Office, £60

Debenhams, £50


Kurt Geiger Clogs

If, like About your Dress, you have been lusting after clogs ever since they sauntered down Chanel’s S/S10 catwalk, but couldn’t justify the price tag, your wait is over as they have now landed on more affordable ground. Kurt Geiger has released two styles of shoes, classed as a platform court (Jola) and a platform sandal (Jada), which are essentially clogs. Both styles have a dark wooden sole, however the Jada style comes in white and beige leather, whereas the Jola comes in black and beige leather. At £140 a pair, they are not exactly a pick me up treat, but they are definitely an investment this season!