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Grays Antique Market

Living in London it is easy to walk past something a lot and never really notice it, until a nice man at Ernest Jones tells you about it when you are looking to get your bracelet fixed. Ok it doesn’t always happen like that but that’s how I found out about Grays Antique Market. I’m sure there are hundreds of amazing antiques, but it’s the jewellery that really caught my eye. Gorgeous costume jewellery every few metres, huge stones, exquisite designs and delicate craftsmanship feature throughout this beautiful indoor market.

I was going to put a bunch of photos on from the website, however I don’t think any of them really do the two storey palace justice. So, I urge you to pop down to 58 Davies Street, next to Bond Street station, armed with a bit of cash and a lot of will power!


Upper 5th / Village Green Launch

For those of you who haven’t heard, The Village Green store has finally arrived in Covent Garden, complete with an Upper 5th wall. A few days ago the lovely people working there invited us to the Launch Party, unfortnately I can’t go (exam), but you can!!

The launch is this Wednesday, 24th November, from 6-9pm. You can expect DIY cinema, popcorn, cider and merriment, as well as 20% off all night. Now who said Wednesday’s were boring?

Selfridges Shoe Stories

By now you would have probably heard of Selfridges Shoe Galleries, which will have over 55,000 pairs in stock at one time and 4,000 pairs on display from 150 different brands, including Exclusive to Selfridges shoes. If you haven’t then make sure you have circled the 16th September in your calendar, as this is the grand opening!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Selfridges want to hear your Shoe Stories, and in return you can win a years supply of shoes. One winner will be selected by the Judges, each Friday for 15 weeks, from the 6th August to the 12th November 2010, so you still have plenty of chances to win. And even if you don’t win, the stories are still lovely and funny to read, the pictures along side them to die for and there is something comforting about knowing that you’re not alone in your shoe addiction.

Laura Lee Jewellery

As much as I love costume jewellery, there is nothing like a piece that you can keep forever, which is exactly what Laura Lee Jewellery is all about. Her jewellery is casual but luxurious, simple enough to be worn everyday, and special enough to treasure for a life time. Her inspiration comes from all areas, but much of it comes from one piece of jewellery, her mothers charm bracelet which was overflowing with momento’s from all over the world.

The pieces that she crafts today are all handmade in her London studio, using only precious metals and gems. She enjoys working with coins, creating many pieces which feature them, along with classic pendants such as lockets and anchors, and more unusual charms including a pineapple and a palm tree. As well as chains and pendants, she also has a stunning selection of rings including beautifully engraved bands with phrases including “I shall return to my English Rose” and “Wish upon a star”.

 Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:



J.W. Anderson

I have long admired J.W. Anderson, the Irish menswear designer who originally moved to Washington DC to study drama, before moving to London to follow his newly found love for fashion, which he discovered when working with stage costumes. He established his label before graduating in 2001, and made his debut at London Fashion week in 2007, keeping with his dramatic but exciting style ever since.

Earlier this year he finally produced a womenswear collection, called SAINT + ASSASIN for AW10, and like the menswear the pieces are gorgeously dramatic and right on trend. The collection, which is now available on ASOS, features soft camel cashmere with oversized knits and tassel heart tee’s, as well as sheer black tops and tartan biker jackets, so there are pieces to express all sides of you.

As well as checking out the new collection you should also look at their amazing blog, which not only keeps you up to date on J.W. Anderson news, but also showcases some gorgeous photography. There are some current photographs but the best are the old ones, many of which were found in ancient books or seem to be old family snaps.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Bloggers Yard Sale

How many times have you looked at your favourite blogger’s outfits and thought, why do I never find clothes like that? Well here is your chance, some of fashions biggest blogger’s have got together to organise a yard sale, on the 22nd August in London, selling off a number of garments that you have probably lusted over before, as well as shoes, accessories and bits and bobs.


Just to get an idea of what you can get your hands on this is a few of the items Style Slicker said she would be selling in her post, “Jimmy Choo’s with a gem missing, used Versace leather bag, 1970s maxi dress, pre year 2004 Japanese magazines, un-opened Barry M pink nail varnish etc”. Also, if that wasn’t enough bargains, there will be a bargain bin selling goods for £1-£3, but make sure you get there early!

Kate Kanzier

I recently discovered London based footwear and accessories brand Kate Kanzier, which began in 2001, and their shoes are to die for! I am a bit of a fan of boys shoes; loafers, brogues etc, and this is exactly what they specialise in, with each style of shoe coming in a variety of designs and colours. Whether it’s classic black you like, a more shocking patent red or pastel cut-out patchwork, there will be something to suit your style. Also, although the shoes are new, they give off the unmistakable feel of good quality vintage, and at around £30 a pair it’d be rude not to get some!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Love Miss Daisy

By the time I was old enough to appreciate vintage it was already easily accessible, as I walked past a lot of Nottingham’s vintage stores on a daily basis. Moving to London obviously made it even easier with markets and jumbles sales added to tempt me, therefore I have never really used online vintage stores, except the odd piece from eBay.

However, I came across Love Miss Daisy via Twitter, when they advised me on a dress for a black tie event, and I found it was a whole new vintage shopping experience. With everything categorized by era and garment, then sub-sectioned, it is so much easier to find what you are after rather than rummaging though racks of clothes, getting catty with other vintage hunters, which is a regular occurrence on weekends in Brick Lane.

Of course, the shopping experience is only part of it, Love Miss Daisy’s merchandise is amazing too, with a mixture of clothing, shoes, accessories and homeware from over 5 decades, a special section for garments that have inspired the current season and pieces that have travelled thousands of miles to get there, you can be sure to find something you love. In addition to this, prices are fairer compared to certain places in London, where you seem to be paying for the rent in that postcode, and because the garments haven’t been tried on and tossed aside by many shoppers before you, the quality is incredible too!

Reiss Summer Shopping Event

Usually the Metro isn’t exactly a paper filled with amazing fashion fixes, however on Thursday their Style Counsel announced that they had teamed up with Reiss to bring a super shopping summer event. It takes place on Wednesday 9th June between 6pm-8pm, at the Reiss store in Covent Garden, 8-9 Long Acre, WC2 9LH, and there is plenty going on.

Firstly there is a 10% discount on all goods, and a goodie bag with each purchase whilst stocks last, as well as the chance to win a £250 gift card.  On top of all of this there will be complimentary cocktails courtesy of MOOSE and an incredible selection of music from one of my favourites The Paddingtons, Othello Woolf and the Bang Bang Club. Even if you aren’t going for the clothes, take advantage of the music and drinks!

Best of the Blogs: Feast on Scraps

From now on rather than just adding blogs to my blogroll and hoping people see them, I have decided to dedicate a post to them. My newest edition is Feast on Scraps, a blog not dedicated to fashion, but food. I love most food, but unfortunately when I am hungry I’m often reluctant to try something new, and always end up at the same old trusty places. Laura, the voice behind Feast on Scraps, takes the uncertainty away by writing about cheap eats and hidden gems around London, as well as her own kitchen experiments. So head over and take a look, meal times will never be the same again!