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Another one of the delights at Robinson Pfeffer’s Sweet Treat night was New Zealand based brand Zambesi, who epitomize “individual spirit, redefining convention with an ironic practicality”. Their spring/summer 10 collection shows beautifully cut silhouettes in a simple colour palette of black, greys, neutrals and white. However, the pieces are not just plain, they have an understated elegance, clothes to wear everyday, not everyday clothes. After seeing the garments, About your Dress felt that a piece of Lucy Hutchings jewellery would be the perfect accessory to a Zambesi garment.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


Robinson Pfeffer Sweet Treats

 About your Dress was lucky enough to get invited to Robinson Pfeffer’s press/preview event Sweet Treats on Wednesday night, as you probably saw on twitter. Mixing four of my favourite things fashion, wine, music and sweets (I seriously love a good pick and mix), meant that I had high expectations of the evening, and I was not disappointed. Since I was a long time lover of Stolen Girlfriends Club, I was uber excited to see what other brands they had to offer and it was fair to say that I wanted most of the clothes, but there were a few that I really fell for.

Firstly, Tina Kalivas’ Aztec/African prints seriously captured my eye, imagination and heart, I pretty much wanted everything on show from her collection. Secondly, the statement jewellery courtesy of Lucy Hutchings was gorgeous, exciting and wearable at the same time. Alpha 60 had some amazing prints and designs; I loved the men’s tees as much as the womanswear. Finally, my favourite brand for everyday wear had to be Zambesi. There will be more to come about these brands over the next few days; I just felt the need to tell you a little bit about them now!