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Zara and H&M are Going Online!

If you’re thinking European High Street clothing giants two instantly spring to mind, H&M and Zara, but this isn’t their only similarity, the second being that neither of them have an online store… yet! Yes, whilst the likes of Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Next and French Connection, to name a few, have been long fulfilling our need to buy lunchtime pick-me-ups or that last minute outfit for an impromptu night out, H&M and Zara have held back.

However, Zara, who already have an online homewares store, will be launching their clothing range online on September 2nd. H&M, who currently have no UK online operation, will open their online store two weeks after, on the 16th September. As well as their womens, mens and childrens ranges, they will be selling their new range of homewares too. With both of the stores launching just as you have mentally finalised your A/W10 key pieces, its perfect timing, and if you order more than you can fit into your current wardrobe, well you can just buy another one!


Mina UK

London based brand Mina UK started out in 2004 with a regular spot at Portabello Market, winning the hearts of fashion-loving shoppers, searching for that special something with a unique twist and a strong personality. Soon the market stall wasn’t enough, so they opened a showroom to exhibit the collections to buyers, who jumped at the chance to get the pretty pieces into their independent boutiques. This was followed by collaborations with Topshop, ASOS AND USC.

Mina UK’s clothing appeals to everyone from students to celebrities including Fearne Cotton, Daisy Lowe, Kylie Minogue and Kimberly Stewart. They pride themselves on immaculate attention to detail and statement prints that contrast beautifully with relaxed versatility, which makes their clothes perfect for every occasion. So, if you are looking for gorgeous, well made clothing at a reasonable price (really, who isn’t?), that you won’t find on the high street, I suggest you check them out!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Stolen Thunder

Growing up in Derbyshire I can not recall anything amazing ever emerging from there on the fashion front, which is why I was pleasently suprised to come across Stolen Thunder, an independent jewellery project which started in 2007. The brains behind the brand are Alice and Joy, who aim to create fun and beautiful accessories, with love and identity.

Each piece of jewellery from Stolen Thunder is handmade, usually from wood, leather, acrylic or chains, resulting in stylish but fun accessories. The range includes necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings and earrings, in the form of Russian dolls, fawns and umbrellas to name a few, though my absolute favourite pieces have to be the gorgeous wooden charms. After only 3 years Stolen Thunder are already being stocked in 40 boutiques across the UK, Ireland and USA, as well as being featured in a number of magazines, with new innovative designs each season, so expect them to be around for a while!

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:


One of About your Dress’ favourite brands for simple summer dresses is Fairground, who take note of current trends and deconstructs them to produce memorable and timely pieces. Through the use of quality vintage fabrics and unique cuts the Spring/Summer 10 collection features many dresses in different styles, but in a small selection of fabrics, essentially there is a different shape for every occasion.

As well as dresses, the collection features many other garments that are perfect for a bit of daytime glamour such as jumpsuits, tops, skirts and shorts. Throughout the collection there is a constant theme of floral fabrics, but it stops itself from being too cutesy with structured shapes, flashes of lace and daring hemlines. Fairground can currently be found in a selection of boutiques around the UK and Australia, as well as online at ASOS too, though they will have their own online store up and running soon.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Robinson Pfeffer Sweet Treats

 About your Dress was lucky enough to get invited to Robinson Pfeffer’s press/preview event Sweet Treats on Wednesday night, as you probably saw on twitter. Mixing four of my favourite things fashion, wine, music and sweets (I seriously love a good pick and mix), meant that I had high expectations of the evening, and I was not disappointed. Since I was a long time lover of Stolen Girlfriends Club, I was uber excited to see what other brands they had to offer and it was fair to say that I wanted most of the clothes, but there were a few that I really fell for.

Firstly, Tina Kalivas’ Aztec/African prints seriously captured my eye, imagination and heart, I pretty much wanted everything on show from her collection. Secondly, the statement jewellery courtesy of Lucy Hutchings was gorgeous, exciting and wearable at the same time. Alpha 60 had some amazing prints and designs; I loved the men’s tees as much as the womanswear. Finally, my favourite brand for everyday wear had to be Zambesi. There will be more to come about these brands over the next few days; I just felt the need to tell you a little bit about them now!

Eclectic Eccentricity

Quirky jewellery brand Eclectic Eccentricity was founded in 2004, by jewellery designer Lucy Averill. With help from her small team of fabulous, happy and shiny people she creates vintage and contemporary jewellery, from “a love for unique and varied pieces with a hefty dose of fun”, which are sold without the hefty price tag! Pieces on offer include necklaces, rings, brooches, bracelets and hair slides, featuring animals, globes, keys, books and landmarks amongst many other trinkets. Each order and item at Eclectic Eccentricity is given extra special care, making them the perfect gift for yourself, or if you’re feeling generous, somebody else!

Excess is Ok

One of About your Dress’ failsafe outfits in these uncertain weather conditions is a long tee, leggings, cardigan and ankle (not Ugg) boots. And one of my favourite brands for eye catching but wearable prints is UK based Excess is OK. Their prints are mainly black, white and grey, but still have very striking designs with images including an oil spill, the night sky and people kissing.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites: