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Christmas List Part 1

Being constantly poor sucks, doesn’t it? Ok, I don’t live in poverty, but there are a lot of beautiful, often shiny, things that I NEED in my life, and I haven’t recently found the time to rob a bank. But it’s doesn’t hurt to look, long for or lust after these perfect garments does it? It doesn’t matter that my heart breaks a little bit when I know I will never own them does it? Alright, I’m actually a little bit in love with these clothes, so I’m going to start putting together a little Christmas list and hope that santa is feeling seriously generous this year…


KJ’s Laundry

KJS logo

About your Dress loves many of the boutiques around London, but one absolute favourite has to be KJ’s Laundry. Founded Jane Allden and Kate Ellis, KJ’s Laundry is a treasure chest of fabulous current and emerging brands from around the globe, and it is clear to see that they have an eye for a great brand. Stocking UK staple brands, like YMC as well as lesser known brands such as New York based Mike & Chris, they have something for everybody, just remember they are all designers, therefore it is designer pricing.

KJ’s Laundry was voted “Best London Boutique” in Time Out London’s 2008 Shopping Awards, and after one visit you will know why. They have an online store, however the boutique is definitely worth a visit, although it is located in the heart of London, just minutes from Bond Street, the store itself gives off an unmistakable New York vibe.

So if you love unique designers, want a special piece, or are just a curious fashionista, I highly recommend you head down to there.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites: