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Zara and H&M are Going Online!

If you’re thinking European High Street clothing giants two instantly spring to mind, H&M and Zara, but this isn’t their only similarity, the second being that neither of them have an online store… yet! Yes, whilst the likes of Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Next and French Connection, to name a few, have been long fulfilling our need to buy lunchtime pick-me-ups or that last minute outfit for an impromptu night out, H&M and Zara have held back.

However, Zara, who already have an online homewares store, will be launching their clothing range online on September 2nd. H&M, who currently have no UK online operation, will open their online store two weeks after, on the 16th September. As well as their womens, mens and childrens ranges, they will be selling their new range of homewares too. With both of the stores launching just as you have mentally finalised your A/W10 key pieces, its perfect timing, and if you order more than you can fit into your current wardrobe, well you can just buy another one!



You maybe remember back in February I did a post on Kurt Geiger Clogs, as they were first to market with semi-affordable offerings. However, due to the majority of my family being born between February and April I have yet to buy a pair, and it may have been worth the wait, and not because I have suddenly gone off them.

Whilst shopping this weekend, I couldn’t go into a shop without seeing a variation of the now much coveted clog, with these variations gathering much admiration, considering they are quite the Marmite trend of the season, but then again I love Marmite too. So to cut a long post short, if like me you really want some clogs, but have been troubled by the price tag, try a few of these. Ok, the first ones aren’t exactly cheap, but they are my new favourites!


Kurt Geiger, £130



Zara, £59.99

Asos, £85.00

Asos, £85

Next, £40

Topshop, £58

LIA 2 Part Clog Sandals

Mango, £55

Office, £60

Debenhams, £50