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Merry Christmas

Firstly, I’m not sure how this post will turn out as I’m writing it from my phone, having decided not to take my laptop to Christmas. Therefore this will probably be my last post of 2010, just a quick one to say thank you.

So, thank you to everybody who has read, commented and followed About your Dress for the past year, your support has been much appreciated. I hope everybody has a fab Christmas and New Year, I’ll be back in 2011. If you want random updates before then, feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Much love,

Kim xx


Christmas Day Outfit

When it comes to the festive season there are many party outfits that we need to consider, as important as they are, it usually means another important outfit is overlooked… the Christmas day outfit.

Much has to be taken into consideration with the Christmas day outfit, firstly are you leaving the house for Christmas? Do you need to wrap up? Are sensible shoes a necessity? If this is the case then remember to layer up and wear nice socks. Are you travelling for Christmas? Make sure you plan your outfit in advance, as I have just done.

 Another important consideration is Christmas dinner, last year I wore a body con skirt and oversized Christmas jumper, it was rather comfy until I’d eaten, body con, nibbles and a three course meal do not bode well.

Finally, don’t forget about the camera. Gone are the days when photos of you mooching in your scruffs all Christmas day are confined to the family album, now you can pretty much guarantee that your mum/brother/cousin (insert appropriate) will have them on Facebook by the end of boxing day.

So after some thought, since I have to pack soon, I have decided on an ASOS Knitted 60’s Shift Dress, fleece lined black tights and black suede Billi Bi ankle boots to see me through the day.

New Shoes: Contemporary Footwear Design (mini edition)

As a follow up to their 2007 book New Shoes: Contemporary Footwear Design, Sue Huey and Rebecca Proctor are set to release a mini edition in April 2011. The new book will feature a new generation of exciting and innovative contemporary footwear designers from across the globe, and if the names in the last book are anything to go by, these ladies know what they’re talking about.

A Harvey Nichols Christmas

This morning I woke up dreaming that I had a dog, something I long for constantly but my two bed London flat will not allow. I blame in no small part this amazing advert courtesy of Harvey Nichols. I know many of you have already seen it, but I had to share it for those who haven’t or those who just want to see it again. Just remember a dog is not just for Christmas, nor are they an accessory….


William Vintage

When it comes to vintage William Vintage is the place to go and last month owner William Banks – Blaney opened up his new store for everybody to enjoy. To view rails upon rails of Ossie Clark, Dior Couture and Jean Desses, all you need to do is book a one on one appointment with the man himself, who will help you choose pieces that are perfect for you.

 Although his clients are more recognised on the red carpet, the new Marylebone store features an edited, wearable collection which is perfect for those who love donning vintage on a daily basis. The pieces may not come cheap, but they are the clothes that you will cherish and love for a lifetime, turning heads with every wear.


Accessories brand Oroton was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1938 where it first traded under the name Boyd Lane & Co. 70 years later they are still producing gorgeous pieces made from high quality fabrics, which blend contemporary elegance with understated luxury.

From sunglasses and make-up bags to notebooks and business card holders, Oroton have diversified into several lines over the years, which belong in every fashionista’s handbag. Tortoise shell, patent leather and metal hearts will make even the most high powered of women feel uber feminine.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Mother Knows Best… Uniqlo HeatTech

Growing up my mum always told me that no matter how nice your clothes are, you’ll always look stupid if you’re not dressed appropriately for the weather. During my teens I naturally ignored this, however now I’ve started gliding through my 20’s I’ve put my adolescent stubbornness behind and accepted that pneumonia isn’t just a parental threat. Therefore in the words of Connie Francis “I’m gonna be warm this winter”, but I plan to stay stylish at the same. Bringing me onto the point of this post, Uniqlo HeatTech, yes it’s been around for a while, but I feel I need to since it’s praises!

Now whilst I am somewhat a fan of layering, sometimes I just don’t have the time in the morning to make sure I’m not rocking the Joey look,  especially when it’s twice as hard to get out of bed.

Sometimes all you want to wear is a simple dress and thick tights and still be warm. That’s where Uniqlo HeatTech helps, with their ultra light weight garments that absorb body moisture and turn it into heat, crazy huh? As well as tops, leggings and shorts there are also a variety of accessories, in plain colours and fun prints. Personally I tend to wear them under my usual outfits, however some cute Fair Isle prints have recently been produced that might have me making my thermals a fashion statement.

Here are a few of About your Dress’ favourites:

Best of the Blogs: From Primark to Prada

It’s been a while but I’ve taken a little bit of time out on my sick day to catch up on some of my favourite blogs. There is one that I was surprised to find wasn’t on my blogroll since I’ve read pretty much every post, and that’s From Primark to Prada. Written by Katy Brown, who is “attempting to lead a champagne lifestyle on a cava budget,” this fairly new blog never fails to make me laugh. Its author is obviously a fashionista of the highest levels (mixing high street, designer and vintage requires style), who writes in such an insightful, honest and outright witty demeanour it’s impossible not to want to read more.